Signature Collection - You design it, we create it! We specialize in the boutique custom tutu and love creating tulle skirts for girls of all ages from our 50+ colors & embellishments. Have you searched high and low for a certain tulle skirt but can seem to find it or wish it weren't embellished?  Perhaps it's not embellished enough?  Maybe a different color?  Maybe you just want to add one color and it would be perfect?  You've come to the right place.  With our "Design Your Own" category you can literally create the skirt of your dreams.  You first start by selecting the length you'd like.  Please join us as we present to you our custom collection by style.

Here are the available "standard" lengths:
  • Prissy 6"
  • Poofy 8"
  • Classic 10"
  • Princess 14"
  • Prima 18"
  • Portrait 22"
 If you want a length in between our standard lengths (Prissy, Poofy, etc. for example), no problem at all.  Just order up a size and then tell us the actual length needed.  You can pick all your colors.  We only have a drop-down for 6 colors, but feel free to let us know if you want additional colors.  We don't charge for extra colors.  Do you want any embellishments or do you prefer a solid colored look?  Select as many or as few as you'd like.  If you'd like a certain color ribbon bow on the skirt, just mention it on the custom text box.  

Shop our fun and fabulous girly boutique for EVERY occasion from girls dress up to birthday parties to weddings to costumes, which are incredible for all events! Whenever in doubt, email us or live chat us and we'll provide a free consultation with you.

We hope you'll find everything a little girl could wish for in our boutique. We know every little girl dreams of being a princess living in a lavish castle, the prima ballerina dancing in the spotlight, the fairy in flight sprinkling her pixie dust about, the beautiful bride dressed in white. For all of those dreams, we have created our beautiful line couture apparel. 

 Prissy Pink Tutu