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Best Leotards to Wear with a Tutu

Posted by Angela S on 4/25/2013 to General Information

A frequent question I receive from customers is, "Do you sell leotards for tutus?" At this time, we don't so I always tell them a good place to begin the leotard hunt. Most of our customers see this picture of our charcoal gray tutu with the white camisole leotard and want to replicate the look. We can help!

gray tutu

For starters, there are two types of leotards you'll probably encounter - ballet leotards and gymnastics leotards. I personally think if you want her to wear the leotard with a tutu, you'll want to go with the ballet version. Ballet leotards come in different styles and colors. They can have thin straps, thick straps, halter style, short or long sleeves along with a low back. They're not shiny with bling and glitter nor are they vibrantly colored and patterned like the gymnastics counterpart. If you're fortunate enough to live close near a dance supply shop, I suggest you go there and have her try on all the different styles and colors. Otherwise, the top leading ballet leotard manufacturers will have what you need in their online shops. These companies include Bloch, Danskin, Mirella, and Capezio.

If you want a leotard like pictured in this image, check out the best-selling camisole leotard from Capezio. They offer it in many different colors including white, black, burgundy, royal, light blue, navy, hunter green, ballet pink, lavender, and garnet. Obviously if you like the look in the picture with the gray tutu, you'll want the white leotard.

tutu leotard

Photo credit: Capezio

Bloch makes a great camisole leotard too. They even offer double thin strips, thicker straps and leotards with some interesting detail like ruffles, rosettes and a yoked top with embroidery patterns.

flower girl leotard tutu 

Photo credit: Bloch

Danskin is a name most have probably hear of. They even sell their line at Wal-Mart, although I'm not sure which styles they have there and I'm guessing they probably only offer ballet pink and black leotards. If you look at their website, they have several different color and style options. I did notice thought that they don't offer a white leotards for girls in any of their styles (camisole, thick strap style, short sleeves or long sleeves).

leotard for tutu

Photo credit: Danskin

Mirella is another high quality leotard manufacturer that uses good materials. Here's their version of the camisole leotard is that is without all the frills and fuss and just features clean, simple lines:

camisole leotard girls

Photo credit: Mirella

One thing I found kind of disappointing is that these companies don't seem to carry ivory or cream colored leotards. You may be able to dye your own white leotard a shade of cream, but I'm not sure how that would turn out since I'd imagine dye wouldn't adhere to nylon or Lycra very well. I'd be concerned about uneven pigment dying.

Also, before you purchase, consider the time of year she'll be wearing the leotard and if she'll be indoors or outdoors.  You don't want her wearing a long sleeve leotard outside during 80 degree weather nor do you want her wearing a camisole leotard on a crisp 50 degree day.  Plan ahead and if all else fails, she could wear a shawl, bolero or caplet with the leotard.

Angela S

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