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How to Decorate a High Chair for a 1st Birthday

Posted by Angela S on 4/12/2013 to General Information

So you're planning her big first birthday and you don't want to spare any details.  Does that sound like you?  Good, read on.  Your little princess could have her own "princess throne" with this high chair decoration. There are two options to make this high chair skirt.  You can order a tutu from Tutu Girl and supply your chair dimensions along with your color(s), or you can make your own chair skirt.  We have some instructions for you!

Whether we make one for you or you make your own, here's how to get a good fit:

  1. Measure the entire tray, excluding the back part.  This is normally around 35" but obviously will vary based on high chair manufacturer and chair model.
  2. Measure from the tray's edge to the desired length.  I think 14" should be a great length.

Now that you have your measurements, it's time to decide whether to order the chair skirt with us or make your own.  If you order from us, be sure to get a price quote first by providing us with those two dimensions as well the tulle color(s) and any desired embellishments. Here are a few that look nice:

  1. poms poms
  2. streamers
  3. ribbon bows
  4. rhinestones.  

If you want to make your own, here's a link to our tutu instructions.  However, instead of making the tutu on elastic like our instructions detail, I'd recommend making it on a long ribbon strip so you can tie it around the back around 24" long for each side.  You can always cut if it's too long.

On the day of the party, attach the high chair tutu skirt to the chair's tray.  

How to Attach the Tutu to the High Chair Seat:

  1. Thoroughly clean the high chair tray.  Use a good degreaser or even vinegar if you want to go green around the edge of the tray.  Attach super sticky and sturdy double sided tape around the entire tray front and sides.  This will prevent the tutu from sliding up and down.
  2.  Carefully tie the tutu around the back of the tray into a pretty bow.
  3. You can leave the skirt "as is" or you can attach a birthday banner to the front.
tutu high chair skirt

Photo credit:  http://www.thecelebrationshoppe.com/

After the party is over, carefully remove the tutu skirt from the tray.  If you want to save it for another party, be sure to store it properly in a large box or hang it in a closet or spare space you may have at your home.  Does she have a kiddie table/chair set?  If it's long enough, you may be able to wrap it around her kid's table for a "Princess Table."

Your little girl may want to wear the skirt.  More than likely it will be too big on her if you used this skirt for a 1st birthday high chair decoration, but you can get it altered to make it smaller.  If you're crafty one, you may even be able to make two tutus out of the one chair skirt!

Angela S

padmini Date 8/13/2013
How do I order the high chair tutu from you guys?I did not see any option on your website to order...
Nicole Blau Date 8/24/2013
To whom this may consume, I love a pink booster chair tutu cover. I really like the pink one on your home page but maybe not as much tool. Do you also make a cover for their back rest (back of booster chair)? Thanks, Nicole
Angela Date 8/26/2013
Please email us the dimensions you'd need at info@tutugirl.com Thanks!
Rosie Date 2/11/2014
How can i order a skirt for a high chair and how much would it be
Rosie Date 2/11/2014
How much is the tutu for a high chair?
Pam Lawrence Date 7/18/2014
How fast could I get a high chair tutu made with the light pink tulle? Our granddaughter's first birthday is in one week (7/26) and her mom in wanting to do something special, but trying to work and raise this little girl while her dad works out of town for six months has put her quite behind. Can you give me a price and time frame, please? Thanks, Pam
Gloria sendejo Date 8/17/2014
I would lile to purchase 1
Gloria sendejo Date 8/17/2014
I would like to purchase a highchair tutu For my daughters 1st birthday I would like the style you have in the picture but more mini mouse theme Or black and red?
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