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Tutu Embellishment Ideas - Options to Choose

Posted by on 11/9/2012 to General Information

We offer a lot of different embellishment options for our tutus and know it can get confusing deciding which to pick, if any.  Hopefully the descriptions and illustrations below will take out all the guesswork.

Unembellished Tutu – This features no embellishments and is a basic, plain tutu.

Plain Tutu, Solid Colored Tutus

Color Block Tutu – The colors are arranged in large blocks or chunks of color as opposed to even dispersed throughout like our multicolored tutus.

Color Block Tutu

Tutu Skirt Embellishments - You may pick one embellishment all every one shown below. This is where you pick 1-5 embellishments you'd like on your tutu.  Want it plain?  No problem!  Just don't check any box.
tutu skirt embellishments
Pom Poms – There will be pom poms scattered throughout the skirt.

Tutus with Pom Poms

Ribbon Streamers – Long strands of ribbon will be attached at the waistline all the way around and will dangle down the length of the tutu.

Tutus with Ribbon Streamers

Clear Rhinestones – There will be rhinestones sprinkled throughout the tutu skirt.

tutus with rhinestones

Silk Flowers (scattered throughout) – Silk flowers will be evenly distributed throughout the skirt.

tutus with flowers

Light Pink Ribbon Rosebuds – There will be beautiful satin ribbon rosebuds scattered throughout the tutu.

tutus with ribbon rosebud flowers

Waistline Embellishments - There are an assortment of embellishments to choose for the waistline of her tutu.  You can only pick one.
waistline tutu embellishments

Single Solid Bow (at waistline) - You can get a single bow attached to the waistline on either our solid, multi-colored or Color Block tutus.
tutu with bow

Double Solid Bows (at waistline) - This is just like the option above, but instead of a single bow, you will get two bows.  This is to be worn with each bow at the sides.
tutu with double bows

Single Polka Bow (at waistline) - This option has a single polka dot bow attached to the front of the tutu skirt.
tutu with polka dot bow

Double Polka Bows (at waistline) - There will be two polka dot bows attached to the waistline of this skirt to be worn at each side.
tutu with polka dot bows

Single Printed Bow (at waistline) - We offer a fun collection of printed ribbons (color chart coming soon).  You will received a single, printed bow attached to the waistline.  Some great options are giraffe, zebra, cheetah, hearts, etc.
tutu with printed bow

Double Printed Bows (at waistline) - Just like above, but you'll receive two printed bows at the waistline.
tutus with double print bows

Single Ribbon Sash w/ Satin Bow (at waistline) - There will be a satin sash attached to the waistline, which covers the waistline as it ties in the back into a bow.  There is an attached bow in the front that dangles down.
tutu with ribbon sash

Single Flower (at waistline) - One flower will be attached to the waistline.  The flower can vary according to availability but we usually offer hot pink, ivory, white, pansy, gold and more.
tutu with flower

Satin Ribbon Sash w/Single Flower (at the waistline) - There is a satin sash that is attached in the front and covers the waistline as it ties in the back into a bow. In the front, there is a single bow attached to the waistline.
tutu with flower sashribbon sash tutu flower

Triple Silk Flowers (at the waistline) - Three large flower will be firmly attached to the waistline in a row.  
tutus with triple flowers

Satin Ribbon Sash w/ Triple Flowers (at waistline) - There is a sash that is connected in the front and ties around the waistline to the back, which forms into a bow.  There are three flowers in the front in a row.
tutus with flowers sash

Feel free to pick as many or as few embellishments as you'd like.  Remember you can only pick one for the waistline and as many as you'd like for the skirt.  You can also pick one for the waistline and have some on the skirt too.  Please keep in mind the age of the child you're ordering for as fantastic embellishments can pose a choking hazard.  If you won't be able to monitor her at all times, it may be best to avoid embellishments all together.
Angela S


Date 2/18/2013
Talisha Broadnax
Date 2/18/2013
Lynn Holmes
Can u make a black and gold Tutu???
Date 3/2/2013
Hi! i was hoping to purchase 3 tutus, possible 4. I wanted the colors to be orange and grey. with a satin waistband with a bow. I was wondering if you had any pictures of something similar i could see, as well as if there was a military discount or a bulk discount. my wedding is not until october. also for sizing. if i gave you the height of the girls, could you recommend a length for each girl? Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!
Date 3/16/2013
I need a Tutu by March 28 2013, can it be made by then
Date 3/30/2014
I need a tutu on june 28 when would be the right time to order a custom dress
Date 5/11/2014
Kristin Van Loo
I need two Tutus possibly sizes 3 and 4 for my daughters wedding July 6th 2014...Is this even a possibility... I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you! Kristin Van Loo
Date 5/11/2014
Kristin Van Loo
Date 2/24/2015
Ashley Frizzelle
Hi there, I'm Ashley Frizzelle I'm a sophomore enrolled at Durand High-school. I was wanting to ask you if you can make Tu tu's for our robotics team. Please contact me for what i would like the tu tu's to look like! Thank-you very much for your'e time! Contact me soon because our competition is next Thursday and Friday. Thank-you again!(: Sincerely, Ashley Frizzelle Durand High-school

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