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Adult Tutus for New Year’s Eve Fashion

Posted by on 11/29/2012 to General Information
new years eve adult tutuAfter the long year, it’s time to party on New Year’s Eve. Since it’s one of the biggest party nights of the year, this is a night where you can throw all the dress code rules out the window. Aside from where to party, one of the first things most think about is what to wear. Wearing a tutu for New Year’s Eve is the way to go! Party tutus for adults make dancing extra fun. Both teenagers and adults alike will look like the ”life of the party” on the dance floor for and at all events dressed in a trendy tutu skirt. We've put together a few adult New Year’s Eve tutu outfit ideas to help you brainstorm the perfect party outfit for a fun look that will never be forgotten. 

Tuxedo Tutu – Our Black and White COLOR BLOCK tutu in any length of your choice is a lovely choice for a twist on the black tie event. Instead of a black dangling bow at the waistline, opt for a black bow tie (yes we can do that instead at no extra cost) and get 3 black pom poms placed vertically on the fabric right below the bow tie to simulate a tuxedo shirt. Add some black high heels and a white button down shirt and you’ll be fit for the occasion. 

Black Bling Tutu – Want to be all about glitz and glamour at the party but be memorable at the same time? You can’t go wrong wearing all black. Start with a black tutu that is either solid or one with rhinestones scattered throughout. You can wear black leggings or black tights underneath. For the top, a black corset top for a Madonna-like vibe or a black fitted top would like nice. Finish off the look with black heels or black boots. 

Sparkly Red Tutu – There is nothing bolder than red. It’s not for the faint at heart, or for those that like to blend in. If you want to turn heads this New Year’s Eve, then we have the perfect outfit for you! Start with a red tutu – solid or embellished with sparkly rhinestones. For the top, wear a silver glittery corset top for a tight red glitter top. Throw your hair up in a fancy twist, add some red or sliver glitter slippers or heels and top off the look with red lipstick and red glitter nail polish. 

So this year forget about the boring black dress or dress pants and go for a tutu to make a total fashion statement. Whatever look you go for, just be sure to not do any last minute planning so on 12/31, you can just focus on hair, makeup, and nails. Oh and Happy New Year to you too!
Angela S

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