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Baby Photo Ideas - Wear a Tutu as a Photo Prop!

Posted by on 1/10/2013 to General Information
Photography props for kids are important when taking a special picture, especially when she’s wearing a tutu! Oftentimes they are the piece that inspires the entire portrait setting. You are child is only young once, so I believe it’s really essential to capture the perfect picture and you’ll be glad for a lifetime that you did. There are so many options when it comes to photography props, and depending on the “feel” you’re going for and the ages and genders of those being photographed. We’re all about girls boutique clothing and accessories at Tutu Girl, so this article may be a little biased toward that. If that is the look you want, perfect – read on! 

When planning a portrait photo shoot and you know you want to use a prop, here are some great photography prop ideas to help you plan the perfect sitting: 

Image background or backdrop - Try to keep the background simple. When in doubt, go with a solid colored background or even white. If you are shooting outdoors, a field full of flowers or beside a bridge or neat architectural structure looks awesome in a picture.

tutus for photopropsWhat to Wear - Depending on the little girls, age, a tutu as a photo prop really creates a fantastic look in a picture. Usually that is the only prop you will need because it’s so dramatic and beautiful to look at. 

Baby Blankets -  If the child is a newborn or infant, lay her in a baby blanket or swaddle her like a cocoon in one too! Put her in a little baby tutu, place her in a basket or neat box with the blanket and snap away. This look is truly breathtaking for newborn and infant girls. 

photography props - diaper coversDiaper Covers - If your little girl is crawling or can hold herself up on her knees, this is the PERFECT age to use diaper covers as a photo prop. Order a pair personalized with her name or in a favorite motif. Position the little girl on her knees or get her to crawl toward a favorite toy. Quickly snap your camera as she is moving away from you to capture the sweet name or saying on her little bottom. It is also a great excuse to photograph those pudgy baby thighs! 

smash cake tutus

Real Cake or Cupcakes - Smash cake sessions are the newest rage in photo props. They are truly fantastic for 1-2 year old little girls and make the most incredible pictures for 1st birthday portraits. Picture your one year old toddler girl in a short, fluffy tutu with a big bow on top of her head smashing into to a gorgeous cake with absolutely no restrictions. Messy yes, but the pictures look really good. You can capture this look too! 

Whether you are having professional portraits done or if you’re a self-taught photographer or mama, you’ll want to create the perfect photos possible. Props really have a way of creating cohesiveness when putting that finishing touch on her special portraits.  Tutus are not only for baby photo props. Teens even enjoy wearing them as a prop for special sweet 16 portraits!

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