Clip Types

We offer two different types of hair clips for your child.  
  • Our PINCH CLIP or ALLIGATOR CLIP grabs the finest of baby hairs and is a nice choice for babies that don't have much hair.  The clip squeezes or pinches tightly together and provides ease of use.  It also works well on a girl with a lot of hair; however she won't be able to put a lot of hair in our PINCH CLIP.
  • The FRENCH BARRETTE is reserved for girls with hair and it will grab much more hair as well. As you can see, this type of clip snaps together and doesn't squeeze the hair together like the alligator clip.  
Hair Bow Clips

We also offer 4 different types of headbands in lieu of a clip:
  • Skinny elastic headband
  • Tulle wrapped headband
  • Satin ribbon wrapped headband
  • Grosgrain ribbon wrapped headband