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Cupcake Party - Join the Craze in Style

Posted by on 1/31/2013 to General Information
Who out there loves cupcakes? Do you watch all those realized cupcake shows? Yup… I’m guilty. I think about them often and sometimes I even catch myself searching for cupcake inspired clothing, namely cupcake tutu outfits I must admit. Little baby girls wearing sweet cupcake clothing has got to be one of the cutest things ever, especially if she’s literally devouring one on her first birthday. There are so many cute ideas out there now thanks to the internet. It sometimes makes me wish I had another baby again just for the sake a throwing a super cool party. That sounds really bad, doesn't it? 

cupcake birthday clothing for girlsIf your sweet girl is having a cupcake themed party, you are in luck! There are so many fabulous party ideas out there. This particular party had my creative juices flowing: CUPCAKE BIRTHDAY PARTY! How cute are those rice crispy pops too? You probably could spend all afternoon looking at party décor and food ideas, I’m sure of that! 

Then comes the clothing. You can go for super classic and she can wear a simple twirl skirt with an appliqued tee shirt that features a really big cupcake, of course. If you want a little more fancy-shamsy, think about having her wear a full and totally CUPCAKE STYLE tutu in your party’s color theme.

Since I love cupcakes so much and I’m done having babies, maybe I should host a cupcake party “just because.” Who said you have to be a kid? Wouldn't it be so much fun to get a bunch of close girlfriends together and decorate cupcakes with some good girl talk? I think so. If it’s a friend’s party you want to celebrate, maybe you can throw an adult cupcake party and all the guests of honor could wear a different colored tutu, short of course, just like a little cake!
Angela S

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