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DIY Oscar's Viewing Party - High Fashion Style

Posted by on 2/8/2013 to General Information

With the Oscar's coming up on Sunday, February 24, a lot of you will be hosting your own viewing party with friends and family. If you haven't been to one before, they are SO MUCH FUN! If anything, it makes a great excuse to get together with friends. Kids can have fun too, especially if they can share some in some of the party preparations and are wearing the main color and look of the event - a red tutu! And it goes without saying, you must dress the part too!

1. The Invitation - "Nominee Napkin" - photo from Food Network

It's not too late to send out the party invitations! You or your child can even help make them. Here is a great site that shows you how to make a handmade paper envelope.

2. Red Carpet - What's an Oscar's party without the red carpet? For star impact, you'll want the red carpet front and center! You can use red fabric or red sheets that have been cut to look like a runner. If little kids will be at the event, or you don't have the space, you can opt for a red table runner instead.  This looks awesome on the table.

3. Setting the Table or Buffet - It's all about the props. From the food to the disposable cameras, boas, and faux Oscars statues using this awesome printable that is fun and easy to do. The kids will love helping with this before the party!

4. The Clothes - Last but definitely not least. Go for grand impact and wear a RED TUTU! It doesn't matter what age you are since you will need to make a bold statement. Pair it with a fitted black tee shirt to counter the fullness of the skirt. Wrap a feather boa around your neck and paint on some red lipstick. Go for ultra glam and pin curl your hair. Finish the look with black stilettos and glittery black flats for the children. Have all the girls in your family match from baby to mom.  Will there be a house full of little girls and moms?  How about have a red tutu for each guest?  You can drape them on the back of each chair prior to their arrival.  The special ladies will feel so special, just like a celebrity at the Oscars.

You can go nuts planing and planning.  There are so many food ideas, fun games that can be played, etc.  Please feel free to post your own DIY Oscar Party ideas.

Angela S

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