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DIY Super Woman or Wonder Woman Tutu Costume

Posted by on 9/29/2019 to General Information
Dressing your little girl up in a Super Woman or Wonder Woman costume is a blast if she's in love with female superheroes. Each look is quite similar!  Running a superhero marathon?  This DIY costume is a must!  

Sometimes buying a pre-made costume isn't always the best, especially if you want her look to be totally unique and want a more quality piece so it can endure many hours of dress up play. You don't need to be a seamstress or a crafty person to make this costume theme. In fact, it's as simple as buying a few pieces and putting the look together.

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super woman tutu outfit

Start with a royal blue tutu - solid colored. You can make your own, or we offer royal blue tutus in any desired length. I think it's better to go as short as possible since you want more of a sassy super-girl look, and not an elegant classy look. I personally wouldn't order the tutu to be longer than knee length. 

Buy white felt. Felt is cheap and best of all, it doesn't fray! You can pick up 8'x 11"sheets at most craft stores for like $.50 each. The amount of sheets you need depend upon how large you'd like the stars to be, but I would get 2-3 sheets. I think it's always best to have more than less in case you mess you creating your stars. Use this template to cut the stars out. You'll want to print out about 12 starts (or you can certainly print out just one and reuse) - whatever is easier for you. Trace each star onto the white felt with pen. Don't worry about being too neat. Once you trace all your pieces, grab your handy dandy scissors. 

DIY Woman Woman Star Costume Template

Cut out the stars. Use really sharp scissors so you can keep the ends sharp. If you use dull scissors, the star's ends can become fuzzy and frayed felt isn't a pretty look. 

Glue the stars to the tutu. Get some craft glue and glue each star to one layer of tulle. Be sure to glue the pen marked side down. Don't use too much glue so that it seeps out the sides and let dry. 

Tips to complete the female superhero outfit.
  • Add red leg warmers or tights to simulate the look of boots, or better yet, have her wear red boots.
  • Wear a red top. This can be a long sleeved red tee shirt or even a red tank top. 
  • Add a headpiece and cuff (wrist bracelets). Cut out metallic gold or yellow gold felt for the headpiece and sew or glue Velcro the close the ends. Just be sure to measure the head before cutting (same for the wrist bracelets). 
  • Add a red cape and the infamous logo to the back, center, or buy a pre-made cape.
  • If dressing as Wonder Woman, get some felt and glue this logo to the front of her top and cape:wonder woman logo
  • If dressing as Super Woman, do the same thing, but use this logo on her shirt and cape:superwoman tutu costume
  • Last but not least, share your own tutu costume with us!  I'd love to see the creative look you come up with!

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