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Dance Tutus - Custom Dancewear Clothing for Girls

Posted by on 11/6/2012 to General Information
Little girls tutus are a must have for dance class. However, don’t feel like you are locked into a specific style or color! Dance class is about expressing beauty and joy, and tutus are the perfect complementary touch! 

Pretty in Pink 
The traditional ballerina outfit can be solid pink - pink leotard, pink tights, pink slipper and pink tutu. Mix things up a bit by choosing a hot pink tutu instead of a pastel one, or go completely off the rails and try a ruby red one. Match the hair ribbons to the tutu and watch your little princess twirl like a superstar in her custom dancewear! 

Little Girl Blue 
A soft blue tutu can transform a dance outfit. Try a frilly sky blue tutu paired with a white leotard and tights, and use similar blue ribbons to tie her slippers and hold the ends of her pigtails. She’ll look like an adorable china doll! (Try braiding her hair around her head in a crown for recital day.) 

Hip Hop Style 
For older girls, tutus that are darker in color may be more appropriate. Since tutus aren't just for ballet class, add a dark maroon or navy blue soft tutu to your teen’s dance attire wardrobe. She can pair it with slouchy, off the shoulder midriff-baring tees and tight hot pants to create an edgy outfit for her hip hop dance class. Match the shirt color with leg warmers for an 80s look! 

Tap Dance Tutu 
A stiff, frilled tutu style would be appropriate for tap class - worn with contrasting tights and top a tutu can provide a bit of bounce and flash to any tap routine. A white tutu, matching top hat and little white jacket makes a great performance outfit, and the jacket and hat can be left at home on practice day.

Let every dance class be an excuse to dress up in a terrific looking girls tutu and dancewear. Basic tutus aren't expensive, and you can have a few different colors to keep things changed up, and pair them with different tops and leggings depending on weather and season.
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