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Election Day Tutus - Campaign Style 2012

Posted by on 10/12/2012 to General Information
Dress with USA pride when voting for your favorite party! America is facing another milestone with the presidential election upon us on November 6, 2012, so have a little fun with it and hit the polls with couture style in a red, white and blue tutu!

For children that must come with their parents to the polls, dress your baby girl or toddler like the flag and put a smile to everyone’s face.  She can even wear her tutu to school paired with our sparkly bling tee shirts and matching hair bow that proudly show American spirit.  There are so many options when it comes to her “election tutu skirt.”  You can order it in red, white and blue – just like a traditional flag.  Another fun idea is a red and royal blue skirt with white pom poms (to simulate stars).  Talk about a conversation piece!  I personally think it’s a great way to spark an interest in a young one about politics. She may be wondering why she’s wear a red, white and blue tu tu and that is a great opening to explain to her about your political beliefs and why you vote the way you do.
Flag Tee for Election DayElection Day Clothing - Tutu Skirts

For the bold and daring, a teacher, high school student or even office worker would look stylish in a fluffy tulle skirt paired with a red or white top (or perhaps a tee with your favorite political party’s symbol such as the Republican elephant or Democratic donkey) and jeans or leggings underneath.  Why shouldn't adults show have some fun with their campaign style?

Even dogs can show some Americana spirit this November 6th.  Think about how cute your sweet pup will look going for a walk or greeting your visitors at the door in flag-colored clothing.

Our Election Day tutus can be re-purposed for other patriotic events too, such as Independence Day, Memorial Day or any day she feels like showing some good ‘ole USA spirit.

Election Day is a fantastic way to exhibit your patriotism, no matter which candidate you choice.  One thing will be for certain -- your darling little girl will look darling on Election Day!  Now THAT is something everyone will agree with!


Angela S

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