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Elsa Frozen Costume - Use a Tutu Dress or Blue Tutu

Posted by on 8/13/2014 to General Information
Elsa Frozen Costume - Use a Tutu Dress or Blue Tutu

Little girls go through phases.  One minute she wants to be a Disney Princess, the next minute a superhero.  Without a doubt, the latest craze is from the hit movie Frozen.  All little girls these days seem to want to be Elsa.  We get countless requests for an Elsa tutu costume.

No worries!  We offer a gorgeous gown that will make her look and feel like the icy snow queen she wants to be!  You won’t need to worry about her changing her mind like the wind and then being stuck with a costume she’ll never want to wear again.

Check out our Elsa tutu dress.  It has all the regal touches one would expect for this icy theme, yet is totally versatile for her to wear for a formal event, a photo-shoot or as general dress up after she grows tired of this Disney faze. Frozen tutu dress - Elsa

Elsa Tutu Dress

If you must win a costume contest and want your girl to have the most dazzling Elsa gown, check out this incredible dress:

Frozen Inspired Dress

It you’re on a tighter budget and want to have the same “feel” as Frozen but simply need something a little more economical, opt for a blue, aqua or a blue mix of both tutu.  She can wear it with a light blue leotard, commonly sold at local dance shops.  Or if you want to keep it even more cost-effective, just have her wear an existing white leotard or maybe an Elsa tee shirt she already owns.  Talk about cute!!

baby Frozen Elsa tutu

frozen tutu

Any crafty ones out there who’d rather make her own homemade costume?  We offer phenomenal instructions on how to make your own Princess tutu.  We even sell the tulle you need!

Whatever path you take, here are some fun trips to make her getup even more magical.

  • Make a cape.  The best part about this is that SHE can help make it too.  This project will make her cape extra special indeed.  I love this project from Tidbits.
  • Buy some glittery flats or buy some silver glitter spray paint and spray some shoes she already has.  I’d recommend using a pair of comfortable shoes that are pretty worn and that maybe even a tad dirty since you’ll be spray painting them anyway. 
  • Wear long white gloves.  Bridal shops should carry these or check online.  I know Party City carries them for pretty cheap.
  • If she already doesn't have long blond locks that you can put in a tousled braid, buy a wig!  Party City carries an Elsa wig.

Remember to LET IT GO and have fun!



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