What type of tulle is used? 
We use the highest grade of tulle to create the most exquisite tutu - fit for an heirloom! Tutu Girl believes in protecting our children! Our tutu fabric is lead safe nylon apparel tulle (not craft tulle) and is manufactured in the USA, which is VERY IMPORTANT and separates us from others. Because our tulle has to pass very stringent quality tests, the federal government recognizes nylon as being inherently flame retardant. Most companies like to use polyester tulle because it's cheaper but polyester tulle is not safe. Polyester tulle is sometimes treated to make it flame retardant, but the chemical used may be a carcinogen, which can lead to cancer. 

Are the tutus pre-made and stocked? 

Tutu Girl specializes in the custom tutu! All tutus are made-to-order to ensure the best fit possible and to meet your specifications. Tutu Girl is always available to work with you to create the tutu or your dreams! 

What if I have a tutu design in mind that isn't shown in this store? 
E-mail us and tell us your thoughts. We will work directly with you to design her dream tutu! 

Will the tulle or fabric color match my wedding color scheme? 
If you need any exact fabric color or are unsure if our fabric color offerings will match your color scheme, etc, we highly recommend ordering a fabric sample.  Mint green, for sample, will vary from company to company.  We may all call this color "mint" but our hues may be slightly different.  We don't accept returns if you order a particular color and you find it doesn't work for you in person.

What tutu colors are available? 
We carry over 50 radiant colors and countless color combinations for the most divine custom tutu! Please view our extensive color chart for details on all colors. Can't decide on a favorite color? Feel free to mix colors too at no additional charge, including our fantastic "color block" tutus. We do not limit the number of colors in your tutu. 

What size tutu should I order? 
 Since all tutus are custom and hand-made, we recommend you measure your child to ensure the best fit possible. Please click HERE view our tutu measuring guide to determine what size to order.

What length should I order? 

We have 6 lengths to choose. Need a length now different than these styles? No problem! Our CUSTOM Tutu Collection is where you need to shop!

PRISSY Tutus are approximately 6" long; POOFY Tutus are approximately 8" long; CLASSIC tutus are approximately 10" long; PRINCESS tutus are approximately 14" long; PRIMA tutus are approximately 18" long; PORTRAIT tutus are approximately 22" long.

What happens if I don't select a tutu length/waist size from the dropdown? 
Please make absolutely certain you select a length and/or waist size from the dropdown (prissy, poofy, etc.) If you don't select a length and/or waist size, by default, you have ordered and paid for our Prissy 6" length and/or 0-24m/2T waist size. Tutu Girl is NOT responsible for you not selecting a length and/or waist size. In the event a different length and/or waist size was actually desired and we will not be able to accept a refund/exchange as all our products are custom, made to order. Please confirm your order before submitting it. 

Can I order a style that is shown on your website as sample tutu pictures? 
Absolutely! Please visit our PRE-DESIGNED Tutu Collection and locate the tutu you love.

How can I order if I'm part of a bridal party?
To ensure the dresses or tutus/top are constructed from the exact same fabrics from the same dye lot, please note the bride's name within the order at checkout.  This isn't usually an issue with tulle, but it can be an issue with satin fabric, cotton fabric, embellishments, ribbons, etc.  When in doubt, just note the bride's name otherwise we have no way of knowing.

What type of hair clip should I order? 
We offer two types of standard clips: pinch clips and French barrettes. Pinch clips are perfect for girls with thinner hair and are very easy for a child to take on and off all by herself. French barrettes are great for girls with a lot of hair, but usually requires the assistance or mom or dad to put on or take off. 

Do you have any special wearing tips for the bows?
Be sure not use the clip to bunch the hair back - use an elastic first! This will keep the bow properly placed in the hair and it won’t slide out over a period of time. If using an alligator clip, first put the hair in an elastic, then poke the clip right in front and through the elastic so it will stay in the hair very securely. If using a French barrette, first put the hair in an elastic, but then clip the barrette through a small section of hair directly in front of the elastic. This will stay even for the girl with the finest of hair. 

For pigtail bows, it looks very nice if you don’t always pull the hair through the elastic, rather let it sit like a “loop” or a loopy bun. Place the bow right in front of the elastic. 

If you need to clean your bows, surface clean only very carefully with a damp cloth. 

To keep your bows perky and wrinkle free, place them on a strip of ribbon attached to a “D” ring and hang. Bow holders can be found in our store.

How do I clean my tutu?
Visit our tutu care guide.

How do I learn about sales and/or new products? 
Sign up for our mailing list to stay on top of all sales and promotions!

What are some of the different strap styles for the tutu dresses? 

What are some uses for a tutu? 
Tutus are perfect for dance class, of course, but that isn't the only use! A tutu is gorgeous in a portrait as it creates such elegance. Think about how stunning a tutu would look pictured with a green/red two-toned tutu for Christmas. Children's birthday parties are a great idea. Tutus for all the attendees would be so much for and a great party favor too! Weddings as a flower girl dress, photoshoots, dress-up, tea parties, ballet attendances, even paired with jeans for a fun, funky edge! It even looks fantastic under a fully, twirly skirt with the ends peeking underneath. 

How Can I Get a Price Quote for an Item and/or Shipping? 

That's easy. You can email us at [email protected] with all the specifics of what you'd like to order OR fill out this form. You can even fill out a mock order. Then simply select all your options like embellishments, waist size, etc. and "add to cart." From there, you can get an exact price for this particular tutu. If you want to go further and get an exact shipping price, proceed to checkout, select your shipping method and you will get an exact shipping price.