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Cowboy Boots with Dresses and Tutus - How to Wear Them Together

Posted by Angela S on 9/6/2013 to General Information
We get many inquiries from customers asking about which tutu or tutu dress would be good with cowboy boots. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the bottom of the skirt is about knee length at the very longest so it graces the top of her cowboy boots. You definitely don't want to cover them up! She can wear pretty much any color tulle with the boots, but sometimes simple and understated is best.


Posted by Angela S on 4/12/2013 to General Information
So you're planning her big first birthday and you don't want to spare any details. Does that sound like you? Good, read on. Your little princess could have her own "princess throne" with this high chair decoration. There are two options to make this high chair skirt. You can order a tutu from Tutu Girl and supply your chair dimensions along with your color(s), or you can make your own chair skirt. We have some instructions for you!

Tutu Embellishment Ideas - Options to Choose

Posted by Angela S on 11/9/2012 to General Information
We offer a lot of different embellishment options for our tutus and know it can get confusing deciding which to pick, if any.  Hopefully the descriptions and illustrations below will take out all the guesswork.