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Girls’ Tutus for Pageant Wear

Posted by on 10/27/2012 to General Information
Outside of ballet, beauty pageants are the most popular venue for full, frilly tutus! They are the perfect addition to any pageant outfit. Figuring out which tutu goes with your beauty queen’s outfit is easy if you follow a few simple steps.

  1. First, look at the rest of the proposed outfit. Is it multicolored or a solid? If multicolored, you are better off sticking with a solid colored tutu. You can either choose the main color or the secondary color. If the outfit is a solid hue, consider going with a multicolored tutu that uses a contrasting color with accents in the main color.
  2. Second, consider how ornate the main outfit is. If there are lots of frills and sequins, consider keeping the tutu as simple and stiff as possible, providing a counter point to the lavishness of the main costume. (This is also great advice for toddler tutus - additional ornamentation on the tutu itself may provide too great a temptation to worry at the decorations and try to rip them off.)
  3. Third, how many layers should your tutu have? For most pageant outfits, the frillier the better. Using ribbon as a border around the edges can add color and flash while providing a crisper, stiffer edge.
  4. Fourth, for very young girls tutus, opt for a fabric that isn’t too scratchy, as little ones can become fussy if their outfit is uncomfortable. We use the highest quality tulle fabric, which isn’t scratchy, but extra sensitive children may need a little extra comfort especially after a long day. The outfit under the tutu should be thick enough to prevent the tutu from causing itchiness. 
  5. Finally, consider using a variety of tutus and accessories to make a single outfit look completely different! This is especially helpful if several pageants are held close together, as pageant dresses are expensive and are quickly outgrown anyway. Themes are really popular in pageants, and designing your own tutu from our expansive collection can really glam up a theme. If one dress can be changed up enough to last through several pageants, go for it!

Tutus are an important part of glamorous pageant wear, so invest in a few to keep your little princess looking her best!

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