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How to Coordinate Brother and Sister Outfits Easily

Posted by on 2/17/2013 to General Information

Who doesn't think coordinating sibling outfits are cute, whether the siblings are twins or are several years apart? Matching brother sister clothes are especially cute if the kids are around the same age. They don’t even have to be totally matching but if they coordinate together, it’s really a nice look. At a young age, most kids actually enjoy matching their brother or sister, but just make sure you don’t force them to match when they are around 10 years old (depending on the kids of course) or there will be some major resentment, I’m sure. Once they get to an age where they want to express their own style or personality that would be a good indication to stop the matching sibling clothing sets.

Sometimes it can be a little tricky when trying to coordinate brother sister tee shirts or outfits. Here are a few suggestions that I think will help:

1. Match a color. Pick a color that is suitable for both a boy and girl, like red, orange, lemon yellow, royal blue or apple green for example. You’ll want to stay away from the traditional girl colors like pink and purple. Each child can wear the same color shirt, even though they are a different style and the same color bottoms (colored pants or shorts for the boy and a matching tutu for the girl, blue jeans, white shorts, khakis, etc). Sister’s top can be feminine with ruffles, lace, etc. and the matching brother top can be a button down top or boyish collar shirt.

2. Match a pattern. Tie tee shirts or tie onesies are super cute for little boys when his sister is wearing a girly version in the same pattern. Perhaps her top has a big heart or other fun shape, while he sports the appliqued tie. They can reflect their own personality while wearing matching patters at the same time. Look how cute this brother/sister pair is sporting the same polka dot pattern, while wearing completely different tops and bottoms.

matching brother sister outfits

shown: little brother tshirt (tie onsie with red/white polka dots) with matching big sister tshirt (red heart with matching polka dots).

3. Custom TShirts – Personalized with Embroidery. Let everyone know they are siblings and get a cute phrase such as, “Big Brother,” and “Little Sister” or vice versa embroidered on each top. The tops can even be different colors and styles, but as long as they are both personalized this way, it will be a complementary outfit.

If you don’t like matching your kids or grandkids on a regular basis, holidays are a great opportunity for dressing siblings in coordinating outfits, or at the very least for portraits. You’ll look back years later and smile at the precious memories. I think the most important thing to remember is to never force it. If you just hate brother/sister coordinating outfits, don’t change who you are. If you love it, but your kids hate it, I wouldn’t recommend forcing that either. If they love it and you love it, go for it and embrace that moment in time (and snap lots of pictures but they will look really cute). I know, I’m a huge fan as you can probably tell.

Angela S

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