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How to Dress Your Kids for an Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by on 3/17/2013 to General Information

With Easter upon us, a lot of children will be visiting the Easter bunny and will be going on an Easter egg hunt. The question always comes to mind, “what should my child wear?” Most will just have their child wear clothing that she’ll wear on Easter Sunday, but if you want something a bit more untraditional or a little unexpected, we have some good ideas.

Easter Bunny Outfit – Since bunnies are so cute, why not incorporate one into her outfit? A cute pink and white onsie that has a bling bunny face and a little pastel pink ruffle around her waistline is so suiting. Add some headband bunny ears instead of a headband or hair bow. If it’s cold out, throw on a button down sweater over the tutu bodysuit and some pink leg warmers. This type of outfit is not only extremely comfortable, but bystanders will go crazy over how cute she looks. If she’s having Easter bunny portraits, this would be in ideal outfit for her to wear.
easter egg outfit for egg hunt

Easter Tie Onesie – If she has a brother to share in the fun of an egg hunt, he’ll need to dress the part too. A spring colored onesie with an appliqued tie (pastel stripes, polka dots, or bright colors) is the way to dress your little boy. He can go for simple and just wear the Easter tie onesie with a pair of matching leg warmers or with a pair of khaki shorts, pants or jeans.
Easter Tie Onsie

Easter Tutu – Nothing says spring better than a spring colored tutu reminiscent of an Easter egg. Pastels such as butter yellow, pastel purple, aqua, pastel pink or lime green are a spectacular choice for the occasion. If you have multiple females going on the egg hunt or if friends or relatives will be joining, each girl can sport a different colored skirt. The colors will look amazing side by side as the girls pose for their pictures and when they’re on the field collecting their eggs.
Easter tutu

Easter Dress – Flowers are a hallmark of springtime. A tutu dress full of tulle and flowers embodies stunning. This type of attire is more formal, but if she wants to be all about glitz and glam on her egg hunt, go for it! Your little girl could even help design her own dress. Show her all the pretty chiffon roses and fabric colors and let her pick her color combination of choice, if she’s old enough of course.
Easter tutu dress

Easter clothing for girls or boys need not be boring. The key is comfort while looking great at the same time! Bring your camera and enjoy this special moment of childhood.

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