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How to Dress for a Christmas Holiday Party With a Tutu!

Posted by on 11/26/2012 to General Information
Christmas party tutuDressing for a Christmas party can be challenging, especially if you’re not exactly sure of the party attire. A lot of company holiday parties take place after work, so that takes the guesswork out of what to wear. If the party is at a co-workers home or if a banquet hall is being rented out and the entire family is welcome, let the party begin! This is where all the fun starts – dressing your little girl(s) and your family. Here are some cute and practical ideas on how you can dress for your Christmas party, whether it be with co-workers, family or friends this holiday season: 
  1. Go for matchy-matchy! With this theme, everyone can sport a solid color, either red or green. Let’s take red, for example. Mom and/or dad can wear a red top and jeans or black bottoms. Your little girl can wear a red top and a red tutu, which is long a flowing to add a bit of glamour to the event. She can wear black tights or leggings underneath to coordinate with the adults. You can even add a black ribbon bow to the waistline for the tutu for total cohesiveness. 
  2. Go for whimsical! Depending how many people are in your family, everyone can wear a different, festive, color. For example, if there are 5 people including mom, dad, brother and two sisters here’s how to get your whimsy on: Mom can wear a green top, jeans and red heels. Dad can wear a red sweater and jeans. The brother of the family can wear a white button down shirt with a red sweater vest, preferably in a holiday pattern. Sister number one can wear a red tee shirt with a green tutu. Finally sister number two can wear a green tee shirt with a red tutu. Of course, any combinations of colors work, but pick two or three colors and let your whimsical Christmas party begin!
  3. Go for winter wonderland! So maybe you don’t want to wear traditional Christmas colors. How about a nice mixture of white and blue? Everyone can wear white with blue jeans but have her wear a light blue tutu over her jeans. You can even add some white pom pom balls to simulate snowflakes or snowballs. 
It doesn't have to be hard to dress for a Christmas party. It just takes a little planning to have your family’s holiday theme stand out from all the others. If the party is early enough in December, it could also double as a great way to get a family portrait taken to send out for some last minute Christmas cards or even a New Years greeting card. What a fun and festive way to start the New Year!

Angela S

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