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How to Dress in a Tutu Skirt at the Ice Skating Rink

Posted by on 12/16/2012 to General Information
The wintertime is a popular time to ice skate. If you are fortunate to live in a cold weather state, you may able to skate at an outdoor stake rink such as Central Park but there are indoor rinks throughout the country that offer ice skating year round. A popular question asked is what to wear when ice skating. Of course, something warm and cozy would be the answer, but if you want to make a statement – wear a tutu! They are fun and magical. For a child or even an adult, why not make it a little more fun to enhance the skate experience and dress in a tutu? We have some great tips how to dress when hitting the rinks in style. 

You’ll first want to start with a warm and comfortable base layer that doesn't restrict movement. A popular choice would be sweatpants, jeans or leggings and layers on top such as a long sleeve tee shirt and/or fleece sweatshirt. Don’t forget the gloves! In regard to wearing a tutu, she can simply put the tutu over the bottoms and she’ll look and feel beautiful just like a little ice skating princess. You’ll want the tutu to be short enough so it doesn't get in the way, but long enough so that it will cover her bottom. Here are some lovely color suggestions to get the juices flowing on how she should dress: 

White Ice Skating Tutu Outfit – If she wants to look like a snow angel, then dress in all white! She’ll look so angelic in a white tutu that is plain or has white rhinestones throughout the skirt. The stones will look just like glittery ice sparkles and will glisten as she makes her way around the rink. The underneath layer could be white leggings with white leg warmers or white sweatpants. 

Blue and White Snow Balls – If she wants to have a cold and snowy look, dress her in a light blue tutu that is embellished with white pom poms. They will look just like little snow balls! Throw the fluffy little tutu over some leggings or sweats and not only will she look cute but will feel like a snow princess too. 

Dress Boldly and Make a Statement – Going with a girls group or does your little girl want to stand out? Dress boldly with color! If you’re going with a group of girls, each girl could dress in a different color. Accessorize with cute earmuffs, hats, gloves and leg warmers to complement each tutu color. 

Most of all, when going ice skating, be safe and have fun! Don’t forget to grab a cup of hot chocolate afterward and snuggle by a fire.
Ice Skating Tutu Skirt for Girls
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