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How to Make Photography at the Beach Special

Posted by on 3/9/2013 to General Information

With spring break just around the corner, a lot of people will be heading to the beach for their family vacation. Photography at the beach creates some truly amazing pictures. There is nothing better than a backdrop of sand, water and waves! If you’re looking to take some family pictures at the beach or just plan on having a photo shoot of your child or children, you’ll definitely need to plan for the appropriate clothing.

Beach Tutu – If you have a little girl, this is a must! If she is a newborn, you can just opt for a tutu and swim diapers and that’s it or you can have her wear a bikini top. Our tank tutu dress is another good choice, and it’s pictured below of a baby crawling on the beach.

beach tutu

The color of the outfit is important too. If you want an aquatic look (something that will blend in with the colors of the water), blues and greens are a good choice. If you want the skirt to pop, dress her in a bright color. Coral, garnet, sunshine yellow and majestic shade of purple will look beautiful.

Length of the tutu is another factor. If the tu tu is for a baby or toddler, a short skirt is the best choice to make it easy for her to walk on the sand. Plus, you probably won’t want the skirt dragging on the sand too much. If she’s a little old, then you can go for a longer tutu and it will give the photos a dreamy look as the tulle blows in the wind. Yes, it will drag on the sand, but I think a little sand on the tutu would look beautiful.

tutu for beach photos

The important thing to consider for beach photography is to keep the clothing, whether she wears a tu tu or not, to the minimum. More is less! Definitely avoid shoes and go barefoot in the sand. If the entire family will be photographed, go for simplistic too. Wearing all white is an ideal color option for the beach.

Most of all, time spent at the beach is fun! The photo session need not last too long, especially if you’re hiring a professional photographer to do the shoot. Have fun, act natural, and enjoy this precious time with your loved ones. Then, your love and joy will shine through the pictures.

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