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How to Wear Emerald Green in Children's Fashion - Spring 2013 Trend

Posted by on 1/26/2013 to General Information
I like finding out what the most popular colors are for each season. For spring 2013, the color is emerald green according to Pantone’s color institute (no more tangerine). The other popular colors are dusk blue, grayed sage, lime green, royal blue, melon, red, lemon, and beige. These colors have a tremendous influence on fashion for the spring season, including décor, wedding colors and children’s clothing. Here have some fun suggestions how to wear jewel toned emerald green this year to liven up her wardrobe. 

Emerald Green - Spring 2013 ColorAdd a Green Tutu to her Wardrobe: Whether she wears tutus for only dress up or if she goes to school in one, you can help her be fashionable this season sporting green. Opt for a solid colored emerald tutu, or she can wear a multi-colored one that has only a splash of emerald green. Perhaps a tutu in green and pink could be a fashionable yet feminine look that she’ll want to wear. As an added bonus, she can wear the green tutu for holidays or for seasonal pictures like Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day. 

Add Emerald Accessories: It’s easy for women to accessorize, but not necessarily the easiest for babies or little girls. Have her sport emerald green leg warmers, lights, over the knee socks, shoes, nail polish and a green beanie hat with a big pink flower for a statement that has a touch of girly girl. 

Hair Accessories for Babies, Toddlers, Tweens, Teens: Wear a green hair bow or bowband! Tweens or teens may want to go for a little more fun and wear green feathers in their hair (think peacock), or die a few strips of their hair with green Kool Aid. 

A lot of us gravitate toward certain styles and trends. A great fashion tip is to wear green as the accent piece so it really stands out. I think it’s smashing to wear all black or all white and use emerald green as accents. This way, the color really pops! Think of 2013 as an excuse to go bold and wear green. Maybe others will be green in envy too, you never know.

Angela S

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