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How to Wear a Tutu Skirt to a Concert

Posted by on 12/29/2012 to General Information
concert apparel tutusConcerts are so much fun and not only do you want to have fun listening to your favorite band, you’ll want to look good too! Whether the concert is indoors or outdoors, the same attire applies. We’ve put together a list of must-have fashion pieces for your next concert, including a fabulous tutu skirt to rock the venue! Moms could dress up in a tutu too when taking her daughter to a 1 Direction, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift concert too.  
  • Funky Tutu Skirt - Go for bright colors or solid dark tutu. If you’re going with a group of girls, consider each girl wear a different colored skirt. For instance, order a neon green tutu, a hot pink tutu, a bright lemon yellow tutu, a bright purple tutu, etc. If the concert is to celebrate a birthday, consider having the birthday girl wear a multi-colored tutu in several bright colors, and then each friend can wear a solid colored tutu from each color in the skirt. 
  • Leggings or Shorts – If you opt for a black or a dark colored tutu, wear some funky leopard print or polka dotted leggings underneath the tutu. If it’s an outdoor venue in the summertime, biker shorts underneath the skirt would be a great option. 
  • Trendy Tee Shirt or Concert Top – Sport the traditional concert shirt or another brightly colored, comfortable top that complements the tutu well. Comfortable Shoes – Comfort is key here. You’ll probably be standing and jumping around dancing so you definitely don’t want your feet hurting during the concert. Flats, cowboy boots 
  • Accessories - Here is where you can totally coordinate with the tutu. Chunky necklaces, brightly colored bracelets, dangle earrings and big hair bows or headbands complete rock the concert look! 
  • Small Purse with Zippers – You’ll want this to hold your camera, phone, comb, money safely. 
  • Hair - Tween girls can wear their hair in a side ponytail with a big hair bow to match her tutu skirt, or wear it down and crimp chunks of hair. 
Whatever the age, concerts are fun! It’s not every day that your favorite musician comes to town so make it a memory that will last and don’t forget to plan a fun and funky tutu outfit for your next concert.
Angela S

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