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Make Your Own Costumes Using Girls' Tutus

Posted by on 10/3/2012 to General Information
Halloween is just around the corner, and your little girl is trying to decide what costume will win out for this year’s trick-or-treat or fall festival excursion. Tutu costumes are easy to create and allow for lots of creativity!

Princess Tutu Costume

A pink tutu combined with a puffed sleeve top, piled up hairdo and jeweled tiara will create a sweet princess costume for a younger child who might have trouble handling a big belled skirt. Add pink tights, little heeled shoes and a scepter for the perfect princess look!

Fairy Tutu Costume

For a woodland fairy, choose a soft green leotard and tights paired with a girl’s tutu in a slightly darker shade of green. Add slippers, a pair of gossamer wings and a leafy garland for an adorable fairy outfit!

Ballerina Tutu Costume

This tried and true favorite is easy to assemble! Combine a leotard and tights with ballet flats and a tutu skirt. Wrap ribbons up the calves of your tiny dancer and finish her hair off in a neat chignon with matching ribbon.

Red Riding Hood Tutu Costume

Traditional folk tale characters get reinvented when you add tutus for girls into the mix! Start with a base costume of matching navy or tan leotard and tights, add neat black or brown boots, and finish off with a red tutu to match the red hooded cape. She can carry a little picnic basket to complete the getup!

Pirate Tutu Costume

A black leotard with a matching black and red tutu can be the start of an adorable tiny pirate outfit! Add the traditional eye patch, bandanna,little black boots and a sword to finish the effect. A bag of jewels hanging over the edge of her candy bucket seals the deal!

pirate tutu costume

Ladybug Tutu Costume

This idea is one that is commonly seen, but our version is beyond cute.  Start with one of our ladybug skirts and add a red short or long sleeve tee shirt.  You can cut out black fabric circles and glue them on.  Or you can make it really easy and draw or paint black circles all over the top. Add a cute antenna with some pom pom balls to complete the look.

Lady bug Tutu Costume

These tutu costumes and others are surprisingly easy to make, and can create memories that will be treasured for years to come!

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