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Spin a Traditionally Scary Costume into a cheerful one - Happy Pumpkin or Silly Princess Ghost

Posted by on 10/2/2013 to General Information
Does your daughter want to dress up as a ghost or Jack-O-Lantern but you don't feel comfortable having her doing so? Perhaps she'll be at a church function and you don't feel it's appropriate to have her dress up in a traditional Halloween costume. Maybe she has a younger sibling that you know will be frightened by a less than happy costume. Possibly it's because you like more uplifting costumes, something not so frightening. We have some great tips on how to make a traditionally "scary" costume friendly, happy and just downright silly with our cute design pointers. Instead of a ghost, she can be a silly or cheerful ghost. Instead of a Jack-o-Lantern, she can be a Happy Pumpkin. 

Happy Princess Ghost Costume: Whenever we think about ghost costumes, we automatically think about the color white. Well, if she's a happy PRINCESS ghost, she doesn't need to dress in all white. After all, all true princesses love pink. 

Here are some fun tips: 
  • Wear a white tutu with a splash of pink scattered throughout.
  • Wear a white top. Buy a few pieces of black felt and cut out an oval for each eye and a smile for the mouth. Sew or glue the pieces to the top.
  • Buy a beaded or rhinestone encrusted tiara. She is a princess, after all.
  • Complete the look with white tights. 
Happy Smiling Pumpkin Costume: Traditionally Jack-O-Lantern costumes are orange to simulate a pumpkin. This look should be no different. 
  • Start with an orange, full and fluffy tutu (as short as possible so it covers her bottom). You want to go for the circular look of a pumpkin as much as possible.
  • Purchase an orange tank or tee shirt in the sleeve length of your choice.
  • Buy black, emerald green and two shades of pink felt. Cut out blacks triangles for the eyes, a pink triangle for the nose, and two light pink circles for the dimples (in the other shade of pink). Cut out a long, super skinny pieces of black felt (approximately the width of a pencil). Lay all your pieces out on the shirt to determine the proper arrangement. There is no right or wrong - only what looks good to you. In order to get the happy or smiling look of the pumpkin, angle the "mouth" upward.
  • For the collar: Cut out several pieces of the emerald green triangles. Machine sew or hand-stitch them around the necklace, at least around the front. This will give the look of the leaves of a pumpkin.
  • Complete the look with tights. We found these adorable pumpkin tights at a local department store, but orange tights are perfectly acceptable.
  • Purchase a pumpkin cap or make your own out of orange felt. 
pumpkin tutu costume
happy jack-o-lantern tutu costume
These are clever little creations that spin on tradition. I think that's what makes them so special. After all, you don't want your daughter or granddaughter wearing the same costume as everyone else. Talk about boring and non-original!  Don't forget about your dog too!
Angela S

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