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Matching Girl & American Girl Doll Tutu Clothes

Posted by on 12/7/2012 to General Information
American Girl Doll Tutu SkirtsAmerican Girl dolls are immensely popular with little girls, and the trend isn't even close to slowing down.  They are definitely one of the priciest dolls a girl can play with but the quality is second to none.  There is a huge market for matching girl-doll outfits, and little girls take great pride in this feeling completely special.  Since we specialize in tutus, I thought it would be super sweet for her American Girl doll to wear a tutu, or a matching girl-doll set.  The doll can wear the tutu everywhere of course, but think about how special it would be for holidays and birthdays.  Here are some fun matching girl and doll clothes ideas for a boutique look in a tutu skirt! 

American Girl Doll Cafe and Bistro:
Maybe your one of the lucky few who have an actual American Girl doll shop and cafe in your home town.  At this point, they are only in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, New York, Denver, Seattle, Houston, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Washington, D.C.  What a exquisite experience for your girl to dine with her doll.  Use this as an opportunity to sport her matching doll-girl tutu outfit or tutu skirt.  Dressing for this event is easy but it would probably be best to match from head to toe.  A tried and true favorite is for both the child and doll to wear a pink tutu, add some pink tights underneath, a matching personalized top or leotard and top it all off with matching pink hair bows!  

If your child is having a certain color theme or character theme, of course start with that then pick out your child's outfit.  The American Girl doll's tutu can either match your daughter's perfectly or match the party theme.  Perhaps dress them both in matching birthday tee shirts too!  The American Girl doll restaurant is a popular place to host a birthday party too if you're looking for a great party destination away from home.

Dress both "girls" in red or red and green!  The actual American Girl doll store offers really cute seasonal items like Christmas tops and pajamas.  Order a set for both your child and doll and then throw a tutu over the top.  What a fun way to open presents on Christmas morning, not to mention the ADORABLE pictures it will produce!

These are the top three ways for her to get all matchy-matchy with her doll.  Of course, there are countless ways for her to dress like her doll or vice versa.  Does your daughter absolutely adore tutus and want one of every color for her doll?  That may not even be a possibility without breaking the bank.  We offer tutu instructions so you can make your own tutus.  This would definitely be a much more cost effective alternative.  Once you master how to make a tutu, you can create them for her 18-inch doll or any doll for that matter! We'd love to see your pictures and hear about your stories too!
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