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Mother Daughter Tutu Spa Day

Posted by on 10/21/2012 to General Information
They only stay little so long - and you should both enjoy these special days when spending time with mom is the best thing in the world. A mommy daughter spa day is ideal for the little girl who loves feeling like a princess - and you can make the day even more special by dressing up in matching girl and adult tutus!

First, pick a theme.

Are you a ballerina? Go for classic pink tutus, with fitted black tees and matching hot pants. Wear pink flip flops to show off polished toes afterwards and don’t forget the pink hair-bows to decorate two perfectly coiled chignons!

Fairies are another popular option. This lets you and your little girl get creative with colors - try forest green, dusky lilac or sky blue shades for frilly tutus and add a top with flowing sleeves. A wispy scarf can be tied around the waist or throat for special effects.

Next, pick your location.

Book time at a spa known for catering to mother / daughter outings, and get a morning appointment so your little one won’t be tired. Skip the seaweed wrap, and opt for the quick facial, a mani-pedi and some highlights before finishing off with a girls only brunch (don’t forget to make reservations!)

Create a special invitation to make the event even more exciting, and mail it to your house so your daughter can receive it. Lay out your outfits the night before, and think ahead if weather is cool - you can layer girls tutus on top of warm knit pants or jeggings if needed, and top with a warm jacket or sweater. Let her give some input into your adult tutu outfit as well!

Finally, have fun!

On the big day, just relax and have fun. If a painted fingernail smudges or she can only sit still for half the facial, don’t sweat it! This is your special day with your daughter, and that is all that matters. Don’t forget to snap pictures of both of you in matching tutu skirts enjoying the occasion!
Mother Daughter Spa Day Tutu

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