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PINK tutus for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by on 10/9/2012 to General Information
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month- and that means PINK Tutus! This month, why not let your little princess, fairy or ballerina wear her favorite outfit to the store or to school?This month we focus on not only the NOW as it affects us as women, but on the future of our daughters - and even our sons (men get breast cancer, too!)

Pink tutus can remind people of the need for more research on the causes of and cures for breast cancer. Is your school or church doing a fundraiser? Let your little girls help. Pink tights, headbands and tops with a pink ribbon can be paired with adorable girls’ tutus to draw attention and give your appeal to contributors even more impact.

Toddler tutus can be worn over onsies that remind passersby that little girls grow up to be big ones, and their future health is important to. Tees for older kids can brag “My Mommy’s a Survivor!” and worn over hot pants with a pink tutu for super style. Moms can get on the action too - wearing adult tutus will draw an even bigger crowd to your fundraising event.

An even better idea - if you can coax a few of the guys to wear them you could even create a calendar featuring dads and husbands against breast cancer. Imagine a tough firefighter or geeky accountant wearing an adult pink tutu for the cause - donors will eat it up!

Don’t forget the accessories. Pink bracelets, hair bows, headbands, and leg warmers can be mixed and matched with the tutus, leotards and tee shirts so everyone can make their own fashion statement. Have some real ballerinas in your ranks? Perform an impromptu show for passersby to increase interest.

This month, anything you can do to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for your favorite breast cancer charity is a plus. Add pink tutus to your list of BC awareness attire!

Pink Tutus for Breast Cancer

Pink Tutus

Pink Tutus for Breast Cancer Awareness
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