Posh Bow Peep Hair Bow Instructions

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Posh Bow Peep hair bow instructions will arrive as a .pdf file. You will automatically download these instructions at checkout.  No waits!  :-)

Table of Contents: 
  1. Welcome
  2. Supplies Needed
  3. Methods to Sealing Ribbon Ends
  4. Amount of Ribbon Needed Per Bow
  5. Additional Tips Suggestions
  6. Making a Basic Bows Creasing the Bow Center (Accordian Folds) 
  7. Creating a Figure-8 Bow 
  8. Securing the Center with Wire Attaching Clips to a Bow
  9. Making a Center Knot 
  10. Making a Center Knot With Multiple Colors
  11. Lining the Clip Creating Layers (Bow Stacking) 
  12. Layered Bow Examples with Instructions 
  13. Adding Criss-Cross Strips (Tails) 
  14. Different Ways to Finish Bow Ends 
  15. Korkers (Making the Ribbons and Assembling)
  16. Pony Os/Ribbon Streamers 
  17. Bowbands 
  18. Making Inter-changable Bow bands 
  19. Working with Marabou 
  20. Making Crinkle Ribbon 
  21. Creating Mini, Baby Barrettes Making Fabric Bows

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