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Team Spirit Tutus for Baseball

Posted by on 10/15/2012 to General Information
Cheer Your Favorite Baseball Team on in a Tutu Skirt! Little boys aren't the only ones who like sports. Taking your daughter along to cheer the local baseball team can be loads of fun. She doesn't have to wear an over-sized jersey to show team spirit. Little girls’ tutus in team colors can give a morale boost to players on the field and be a delight to the other fans.

Make your next trip to the ball field a whole family affair! Here are a few ideas for major team colors, but remember you can easily order any color tutu and pair with a contrasting leotard and some face paint to support the team of your choice! Great tutus for team spirit ideas include:

New York Yankees
White leotard, navy frilly tutu, white and navy hair bows. Depending on weather, long knit pants or shorts under the tutu in matching navy.    
New York Yankees Tutu for Baseball
Boston Red Sox
White or navy leotard, frilly red tutu, red and white hair bows. Again, long knit pants or shorts depending on weather, in red or navy.
  Boston Red Sox Tutu for Baseball

Chicago White Sox
White leotard or turtleneck, black and silver tutu, silver and black hair bows. White knit pants or shorts.
Chicago White Sox Tutu for Baseball

San Francisco Giants
Black or white leotard, orange tutu, white and black and orange hair bows. Use black hot pants, shorts or tights.

San Francisco Giants Tutu for Baseball 
 For any baseball team, it’s easy to find a little girl’s tutu or toddler tutu in team colors and accessorize as needed. Then when you hit the ball field for hot dogs, peanuts and cold soda, your little girl will have the time of her life showing off her cheer moves in a colorful tutu tribute outfit! Don’t forget a pillow for the hard bleachers and a wrap for evening games when it might get a little chilly. The point of going to the ball game is to have fun, so make sure you’re all set for comfort, and let your princess take care of style!

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