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Tiffany Party - Add a little BLUE to her party's theme.

Posted by on 3/23/2013 to General Information

Elegance, glamour and fashion.  What girl doesn't love shopping at Tiffany's (or at least wish they could shop there)? A Tiffany theme party is quite popular for birthdays, sweet 16, tea parties, bridal showers and even weddings. The main color of the party needs to be aqua to lend to the look or light turquoise blue to match that iconic Tiffany's box. No matter what event you'll be celebrating, here is a list of great items to help make your Tiffany blue party fabulous!

1. The Invitation -  I love this shop because you can personalize the invitations to suit your theme, including all the special sayings on your invitation. I love the silhouette of Audrey Hepburn in this invitation.

Tiffany Party Invitation

2. Colored Punch - What a fun drink idea! For everyone and especially kids, buy some blue punch and mix it with lemonade for that cool Tiffany blue color.

tiffany blue party punch

3. Tiffany & Co Manicure - I was so impressed when I saw this nail design and have never seen anything like it before. They sell this shade of aqua nail polish at most stores that sell nail polish. This site has a nice tutorial on how to create this lovely manicure.

tiffanys manicure

4. Mini Box Cakes - This amazing bakery that makes these gorgeous Tiffany box cakes. Don't they look so realistic too? I wish I lived near this bakery - yum!

tiffanys mini box cakes

5. Table Setting - Is this not the most amazing table setting ever? The Candy Buffet Company in Australia is truly talented when it comes to creating tablescapes. I don't even have a party to plan and just looking at this table makes me want to plan the exact same party!

tiffanys tablescape

6. Party Favor Boxes - What guest doesn't love a party favor? You can fill these with a single cupcake to take home, faux pearls, a mini tiara, macaroons (Tiffany blue colored, of course), nail polish, aqua blue M&M's or jelly beans and so much more!  Let your guests go home with something to help them remember the awesome day.

tiffanys party favor boxes

7. Cake Box Cupcakes  - To continue with the theme, check out these yummy looking cake box cupcakes. 

tiffany box cupcakes

8. Cake Pops - Sweet Pop Shop offers nice cake pops to perfect match that famous Tiffany's blue. I think they may be a DIY job too, but take your time as they are not as easy as they look.

tiffany box cake pops

9. Tiffany's Inspired Clothing for Older Girls - The star of the party should dress like a legend! I love this dress. It's suiting for so many special events and matches the party theme amazingly well.

tiffany party dress

10. Tiffany's Clothing for Young Girls - An aqua blue tutu reminiscent of the Tiffany's box with a nice tee shirt with roses is beautiful, unstated and elegant.

tiffany party tutu

There are so many other lovely ideas I came across, but these were my absolute favorites. Even if you don't utilize all these ideas, just try to stick with the aqua blue color and everything will look classic and timeless.

Angela S

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