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Top Christmas Gifts for Girls

Posted by on 11/20/2012 to General Information
Christmas Gifts for GirlsWhat do you give the girl who has everything? I hear this all the time and am guilty of asking the same question myself. The easy way out is to buy a gift card or even give money so she can get exactly what she’d like but there is something about holding and opening a tangible gift that makes it so exciting, especially for a young girl.  The most convenient way to shop is online, that goes without saying.  Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and check our list of boutique items you can give a little girl this holiday season if she’s a girly girl at heart. Then begin shopping at our online tutu boutique! We've even sorted the list it by age. All these items are so unique, boutique and special. These aren't ordinary gifts that can be picked up at any department or convenient store, so you will look like you really care and your gift will shine! 

Shop by Age: A lot of our items will overlap for many age groups, but we categorized them by favorites and most popular for each age range.

Newborn and Infant Girls: At this age, the gift isn't so much for the baby but for the mom because she’s the one who will enjoy her little one’s cuteness. 
  • Tutu Onesies – These are ideal for this age child and really unique. You can get it personalized with her name or order one for an upcoming holiday like Valentine’s Day another event. Best of all, our tutu one piece outfits are incredibly comfortable so she can look cute and full cozy all at the same time.
  • Personalized Diaper Covers– This is a really exciting gift when you order it with her name or initial embroidered on the bloomers. You’ll hear a lot of oohs and ahhs with this one! 
Baby Girl (6 months – 1 year)
  • TuTank Twirl (tutu tank dresses) - Order one for an upcoming birthday with her age or the next holiday. Of course, ordering a toddler’s tank dress in her favorite color is always the perfect solution. Our dresses are really fun for baby and toddler girls. They make it easy for her to walk and play yet she’ll look fabulously stylish at the same time. Order it in her favorite color combo (pink or purple is always a hit if you’re uncertain). A pair of a fancy panties (diaper covers), will win her heart. 
  • Personalized Tutu Bloomers  - You can order it with her name or for her 1st birthday. Our bloomers are a top selling items for girls of this age. Perhaps order one for a holiday or for each holiday of the year. 
Toddler Girl (2-3 years)
  • Tutu Outfits -  Most girls have a favorite color by this age.  The best way is to order by her favorite color or if she has a particular theme she loves, say Hello Kitty for instance, then create a Hello Kitty inspired tutu outfit.
Little Girl (4-8 years)
  • Hair Bows - Hair bows for girls are a favorite no matter what the age and they make great stocking stuffers! It seems like little girls around this age range really appreciate getting all dolled up and many love to feel pretty in a perky hairbow. Order one in her favorite color or get an assortment of colors. We can even monogram her name or initial on the hair bow too. Personalized Tee Shirts, Tutus of all lengths, Leg Warmers 
Tween Girl (9-12 years):
  • Hair Bows, Personalized Tee Shirts, Tutus, Leg Warmers 
Teen Girl (13-18 years):
  • Hair Bows or Headbands. A big hair bow or headband and leg warmers.
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