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Tutu Girl LOVES Tutus

Posted by on 7/29/2012 to General Information
Angela S Why shop with Tutu Girl? Quite simply, we LOVE tutus. We’re almost obsessed with them. Initially we started with our sister company in 2004, Posh Bow Peep. Posh Bow Peep’s niche is boutique hair bows and princess gown hair bow holders. We thought what better than to have a complete boutique outfit with hair bows and tutus – thus the birth of Tutu Girl. Since then, we’ve been slowly growing and adding to our product line with each and every year. We started with our Signature tutu line featuring our Prissy, Poofy, Classic, Princess, Prima and Portrait tutus. These have always remained our best-selling tutus. It’s no wonder why. They have quickly become a staple in little girls’ wardrobes for her to wear to birthday parties, recitals, her first dance class, as dress up, pictures, and in weddings as the flower girl. We’re proud and honored to share a small part of these wonderful milestones in your child(ren’s), grandchild, friend, niece, etc. life. We continually strive to improve our product line by adding new embellishments, fantastic tops for tutus (embroidered and bling), personalized diaper covers, and until recently our flower girl tutu dresses. They are so dreamy and are quickly becoming best sellers. I can’t forget about our lovely hair bows, which really was the foundation of it all with Posh Bow Peep. We’ve evolved to carry the most amazing tulle hair bows and hair poofs to perfectly match her unique tutu. 

How to shop our Tutu Boutique
We have heard here and there that it can be a little overwhelming shopping at our boutique because we have SO many options. It’s true, sometimes it can be hard to decide where to start and what to buy. I always suggest asking yourself first and foremost when looking for a tutu, how long do I want the tutu to be? Usually this will be a pretty easy answer. Generally the answer is “short”, “mid-length” or “long.” A lot of time this answer really depends on the event needed. For instance, for dance class, very short is usually the answer. For an elegant wedding, long is what we often hear. 

Next, consider her age. Our Classic 10” tutu, for example, will not look the same on a 1 year old as it will on a 12 year old girl. Keep in mind, it’s 10” long. Grab that measuring tape, place it against her waistline, drop it down 10” and you’ll see how long our Classic tutu will look on her. 

While the measuring tape is out, take a moment to measure her waistline. This will help determine what waist size to order. If she seems to be in between sizes, order up and then make a note to us at checkout with her actual waist size. We love custom orders – don’t worry. 

Do you want embellishments on the tutu or do you prefer to keep it plain? If you want it plain, that’s simple. If you want embellishments, decide if you want them at the waistline, on the skirt itself or both. Once you've narrowed that down, pick some fun embellishment(s) and then it’s time for us to create your custom tutu! 

Thanks for learning more about us here at Tutu Girl and what we love to do! At any time throughout the order process please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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