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Tutu Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Hair Bow

Posted by on 1/16/2013 to General Information
Girls hair bows have been popular since the Victorian era and they've evolved so much ever since. Sometimes it can get confusing about what type of hair bow and what size is suitable for a child depending on her age. We've put together a guide to help you decide what size and style hair bow would be best for your girl (or even you as an adult)! 

hair bow for girlsNewborn/Infant Baby Girl – The mini hair bow on a headband is the most popular choice if you want to be conservative. There are so many options to the bow that makes a plain hair bow far from boring. Solids, polka dots, stripes and patterns all work for baby girls of this age. If you are a mom that prefers a larger bow, or if you live in the Southern US states, big bows are the thing no matter what the age. Your geographical region could take all the guess work out of ordering. A newborn or infant girl can certainly wear a big hair bow on an elastic headband, but just make sure you order a small enough band that will be snug enough around the circumference of her head. You don’t want the bow to slide down on her face where she will “eat” it. 

Baby Girl (approximately 4-11 months) – If the little girl has some sprouts of hair, choose a mini or small hair bow on an alligator clip. This is a pinch clip that forms a tight squeeze against her hair. You probably won’t want to order larger than a size small if ordering the bow on an alligator clip because the weight of a larger bow may be too heavy for her small head and may slide down her little locks. If you want a bigger bow, opt for a bowband instead. 

Toddler Girl (1 – 3 years old) – 1st birthdays call for a big hair bow! What better than her first birthday party and pictures to show off her new “big girl” look! A matchy big bow to go with her birthday outfit, especially if it’s a birthday tutu outfit, is the perfect occasion to sport her new look. 

Little Girls – Sometimes little girls hate wearing bows. That always makes me sad to hear! Nonetheless, if that’s the case but you still want her to have something fun and fancy in her hair, opt for a mini or small hair bow. It will be so lightweight that she probably won’t even feel it (yeah!). If she LOVES bows – perfect! At this age range, big bows are king (in this case they are “princess”). Choose a simple, un-embellished hair bow or a big, specialty type like our Loopy Loopy hair bows or layered bows in a variety of colors. 

Tweens to Adults – At this age most girls no longer want to wear hair bows. Headbands and hair flowers are the rage at this age and up! I love wearing headbands too with a little satin hair flower attached to the band. It’s really fun and flirty. Some girls may love a headband with a mini bow on top (yes the exact size she wore as a newborn). Another option is for her to just wear a plain headband – no bow. We offer so many different ribbon options from grosgrain to satin, solid or dots, stripes or patterns. 

Hair Bow to Match an Outfit - Have a pretty outfit but no hair bow? Let the outfit be the inspiration piece on what style and size hair bow to order. Have a gorgeous tutu outfit, order a matching tulle hair bow to match the fabric of the tutu skirt. 

Hair never has to be boring. Don’t let your age dictate if you should wear a hair bow or headband. If you want to wear one, I say go for it! If it makes you feel pretty, go for it. There are about a gazillion different type of ribbons out there to perfect match any outfit. If you find the ribbon of your dreams in a store near you and want a bow made out of it, we can make it for you! Simply contact us for a price quote to see if we can arrange the loops for your to make the perfect loopy hair bow.

Angela S

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