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Tutu Inspired Princess Party

Posted by on 12/3/2012 to General Information
When your birthday princess asks for a princess party, there are so many routes you can take from a vintage princess party theme to a rockstar princess party. If you want just a traditional princess party, here are some nice suggestions to get you started. 

First choose a color scheme. Normally the most popular colors are pink (pastel pink or a mixture of light and bright pink) or a pink and purple mix.  Try to keep the entire party with this color scheme for a cohesive look.

Add a princess crown. No princess party is complete without a crown. We found this gorgeous lace crown perfect for your birthday queen that are super easy to make. Check out this lovely DIY crown tutorial.  It also makes a great keepsake for after the party, as well as an excellent party favor.
Birthday Princess Crown DIY tutorial

Choose a fluffy princess tutu. Our tutus are ideal for this great party theme. Choose a solid pink or pink and pansy colored mixture for your little princess. Instead of buying party favors, why not have a tutu for each girl to wear at the party that doubles as a party favor?  Hang all the guests tutus on a rolling garment rack or hang each tutu from the back of each girl's seat. Have a "dress up" station designated for each royal party guest.  You can tell them to just bring a leotard on the invitation or you can even provide one for each girl too. Photo credit: iheartsugarsugar.wordpress.com

princess tutu party favors

pink princess tutus

Set the stage. The ambiance of the party really sets the mood. Gather a nice rectangular or round table so you can add all your goodies. We love this stunning tutu tablecloth skirt tutorial that really screams royalty.  Have some large pom pom balls made of tulle hanging from the ceiling with fishing line.

tutu table skirt how to instructions

Fill the table. Honestly I wish I could bite into one of these cakes right now. Aren’t they gorgeous? I think almost too pretty to eat! Here is a fantastic DIY tutorial for the ruffled princess cakes. Check out your local craft supply store for the princess slipper. A toy piece may be suitable but just be sure to sanitize it really well before putting it on the cake top.
Princess Party Food

All these delicious goodies will make her party extravagant and are fit for a princess!  This magical party theme is a tried and true classic that will make any little girl smile.

princess party invitations

Event and Sweets Table Styling: iheartsugarsugar
Printable: Dolce Drive
Invitations: Tiny Prints
Article by:  Angela S



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