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Tutus for Babies - Which Style is Best?

Posted by on 11/3/2012 to General Information

The new trend in child fashion has got to be tutus for babies, ranging from newborns to infants to baby girls.  They are perfect for play dates, parties, portraits and so much more! You’re not alone in wanting to dress your baby in a tutu!  They not only make her look sweet and angelic but you can capture this lovely look on camera as they are perhaps one of the hottest photo props today!

Perhaps our most frequently asked question is, “what is the most appropriate tutu for a baby under the age of one?”  We have several options that I will detail below.

Personalized Baby Tutu Set

This is one the most popular outfits for babies that we offer.  It’s a 2-piece outfit that comes with a 100% personalized (optional) cotton top and has a tutu sewn to the bloomers which can be personalized.  The most fun part of all is you can pick all the tulle colors and fun embellishments.  This makes diaper changing a breeze!  She can wear this top with the tutu bloomers or wear it with a skirt, shorts, jeans, etc. 

baby tutu

Baby Tutus

This is the exact same bloomer tutu as mentioned above, but the only difference is that it doesn’t come with a top.  You may want her to wear this item with a different top you already own so this item may be the perfect choice for you.

baby tutus

Prissy Tutu

This is our most popular request for a baby tutu.  It’s our shortest length at 6” long.  It’s a lot fluffier than the tutu offered in our baby tutu outfits mentioned above and looks more like a traditional tutu as the tulle pieces stick out to the sides and upward.  Really cute!  Like the baby outfit, you can pick all great colors and embellishments or just order it simple in one solid color.  The best part of all she is can grow with this tutu.  The waistband is soft and has a stretchy band so it will stretch a few inches.  You’ll surely get a few years out of this tutu if you order the right size.  What size should you order?  Here’s a link to our size chart.

Tutu for babytutus for babies

Baby Tutu Onesies

Want the ultimate comfort in a tutu?  This lovely bodysuit has a ruffled tutu sewn to it!  You can even get it personalized it with sparkly bling rhinestones or get it embroidered, depending on the style you choose.

baby tutu onesie

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