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Tutus for Kids Birthday Party Themes

Posted by on 10/24/2012 to General Information
One of the coolest things about girls’ tutus is that they fit almost every occasion and costume! For a little girl’s birthday costume party, consider all the options you have to utilize a girl’s or toddler’s tutu to enhance the costumer options.  We now also offer a growing collection of unique character t-shirt and sets here:

Minnie Mouse
For Minnie Mouse, the requisite mouse ears, white gloves and hairbow get you off to a great start. The red dress with white polka dots can be offset by a black tutu! Alternately, go for black mouse ears, a black leotard or tee shirt, black tights or hot pants, and a red tutu and red hair bow with white polka dots.
Minnie Mouse Tutu

Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell is easy - go with a leaf green leotard and matching slippers with gold pom-poms. Add a green tutu in a shade just a little darker or lighter than the leotard. Pile hair up in a messy topknot for an authentic Tink style!
Tinkerbell Tutu Costume

Strawberry Shortcake
Try a simple white top with a strawberry appliqued on it, plus pink hot pants and a pink tutu with red polka-dots. A matching head kerchief in pink and red will complete the look, and you can add red Mary-Jane style shoes for a finishing touch.
Strawberry Shortcake Tutu Costume

Hello Kitty
There are a lot of Hello Kitty options. Go traditional and primary colored with a red hair bow, yellow shirt and blue vest and girls tutu. Or, choose a pink on pink scheme with a pale pink t-shirt layered with a darker pink tank, matching pink tutu, and pink hairbow. White tights and slippers complete the look!
Hello Kitty Tutu Costume

My Little Pony
A tee shirt with a My Little Pony motif can be paired with white knit shorts worn under a multicolored pastel girls tutu. Add accessories depending on your little girl’s favorite character - a crown, sparkling wings, a unicorn horn or butterflies to complete their My Little Pony outfit!
My Little Pony Tutu Costume
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