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Tutus for Marathons

Posted by on 7/18/2012 to General Information
Who says tutus are just for kids? Look how some adults enjoyed our tutus for their marathon. Crazy cute!  This has quickly become a growing trend with runners.  Yes I know it's a big nontraditional, a bit unexpected but that's probably what makes is so fun and special.  This group wanted pink - yes including the male.  He truly was a good sport, wasn't he?  I bet that made the run even more fun!  Some marathons are for events and different themes.  For a breast cancer run, a pink tutu is indeed the perfect choice.  If you're doing a Disney princess marathon, think about how cute a Minnie Mouse tutu would be (red tutu with white pom poms or a pink tutu with poms), Goofy or a Disney Princess tutu.Tutus for Adults for Marathons
Ok I have to admit, at first I was like, "what, you want to run in a tutu?"  I'm not a runner, so I have no experience with marathons.  Then I took a peek around the internet and was pleasantly surprised how many teens and adults run in tutus and costumes.  Now I love the idea.  That seems like it would get a little hot, but I guess if they are having fun, why not?   

Marathons aren't just for adults and teenagers.  Road races (a mini version of marathons) have been pretty popular lately for children.  They are really suited to wear a tutu, especially a little girl!  Let her pick all her favorite colors and run in fashion.  I love it because it's a great way for her to get outside and exercise, of course she'll probably want to dance and twirl as she runs the race and that's okay!  Mom could get her own tutu, as well and they can run together.  What a beautiful memory that would make. Yes... I'm a new convert.  A new fan of running in a tutu.  If you don't love running, at least you'll look good.
Angela S

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