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Tutus for Teens - The Perfect Party Outfit!

Posted by on 10/30/2012 to General Information
Most people think of tutus as being appropriate only for the ballet stage, but in fact girls tutus can be a great way to express individuality of style and can create an elegance for girls of any age.

Deciding what to wear to an event can drive any teen girl half out of her mind - and her family along with her. Instead of a vast array of mini-skirts, skinny jeans and skimpy dresses scattered across every available surface of her room, why not suggest a tutu?

Teen girl tutus can be paired with a variety of other wear to create terrific outfits. For formal events such as homecoming or prom, go for elegant with ballet tights and heeled shoes, a fluffy tutu, and a ribboned bustier or corset that laces up the front or back. Pile hair high and use matching ribbons to complete the effect. A color scheme of black and ivory, ivory and pink, or white with spring green or delft blue accents will help present an exquisite china doll look.

For a more casual event, an off-the-shoulder tee can be paired with a black tutu and a pair of hot pants. A side braid in the hair and some clunky jewelry helps create a casual glitzy vibe that’s perfect for more relaxed parties. Suede ankle boots help dress down the effect.

An in-between style could work for parties and dances that fall in between formal and casual. Try a full, frilled tutu in a bright color matched with a more muted turtleneck sweater and soft leggings.

Holiday parties that require festive wear call for a tutu too!  Opt for a traditional red and green skirt with a red or white fitted top, red heels or boots, a red glitter headband and some funky Christmas jewelry.  For a Valentine's Day party, a pink and red teen tutu with a cute red sweater and red leggings will make her feel extra lovable and pretty!

Costume parties just beg for teen girls tutus as well in junior sizes. Try a denim blue tutu with a fringed leather jacket, cowboy boots and a six shooter for a cowgirl, dress up as a fairy with a ethereal pastel tutu, breezy top and fairy wings, or be the angel of the party in all white - leotard, tutu, tights and wings. Don’t forget the halo!

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