ULTIMATE INSTRUCTION BUNDLE! Tutu and Hair Bow Instructions

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Table of Contents:
Supplies Needed
Methods to Sealing Ribbon Ends
Amount of Ribbon Needed Per Bow
Additional Tips & SuggestionsMaking a Basic Bows 
Creasing the Bow Center (Accordian Folds) 
Creating a Figure-8 Bow
Securing the Center with Wire
Attaching Clips to a BowMaking a Center Knot
Making a Center Knot With Multiple Colors Lining the Clip 
Creating Layers (Bow Stacking)
Layered Bow Examples with Instructions Adding Criss-Cross Strips (Tails)
Different Ways to Finish Bow Ends
Korkers (Making the Ribbons and Assembling)Pony O’s/Ribbon Streamers
Making Inter-changable Bow bands
Working with Marabou
Making Crinkle Ribbon
Creating Mini, Baby Barrettes
Making Fabric Bows

Girls Boutique Tutu Instructions. Learn how to make our SIGNATURE STYLE tutu for BEGINNERS! 

Fully illustrated and detailed step-by-step tutu instructions. 

No sewing machine required!

Plus.... as an added bonus

Learn how to make our ORIGINAL hair tutu using excess tulle strips!!!

Do you love tutus but don't want to pay retail? Do you have little girls that want every color of the rainbow, but you'll go broke rebuying them? Think about any upcoming birthdays or Christmas. You could learn to make tutus and give them as gifts. Tutus show so well and look so expensive. Wow them all this year! Ready to start your own eBay or website business selling tutus? Our instructions are pefect for you too! 

Tutus are so much fun to make (and really quite addicting)!

What you will learn:

1. Supplies Needed
2. Where to purchase tulle - actual links to suppliers!
3. Learn to make tutus for any girls from infants to adults!
4. How to measure a tutu for that perfect, custom fit.
5. How much tulle is needed per tutu.
6. A general tulle measuring chart.
7. How to cut tulle.
8. How to cut and sew the elastic band.
9. Knotting tips.
10. How to add fun embellishments the professional way.

11. How to make a multi colored tutu.
12. Tutu care.
13. Twelve pages of color, clear, detailed pictures. The instructions were designed for the ultimate beginner and no steps are missed. These instructions were created in step-by-step detail. If for any reason you have a question with a step, simply email us and we will help you until you master the step!
14. Trade secrets and tips!

Plus... as an added bonus! 

Learn how to make our original hair tutu using excess tulle!

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