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Using Tutus for Christening or Blessing Dresses

Posted by on 11/16/2012 to General Information
While some people still hold that a proper christening dress is a yard long affair with hundreds of embroidery stitches and seed pearls, many parents now opt for a more modern style of baptismal gown - and infant tutu dresses are becoming amazingly popular! 

A baby tutu dress can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. For some, a simple white onesie with a peter pan collar paired with white tights, little slippers and a soft frilly tutu with a matching headband is the perfect choice - and if the little one is fussy about elaborate clothing, this could be your best bet. 

For a more docile infant that doesn't mind being dressed up, go for a satin bodice top supporting a longer frilly tutu. Add a matching headband with tulle and rhinestones or flowers, and little soft shoes on her tiny feet. 

If your little girl is really an angel and you want a photo shoot after the christening or blessing, consider going all out. Create a customized tutu dress and headband using white or ivory accented with pink, yellow, baby blue or spring green accents. For a stylish modern look, consider a Damask fabric top in black and white with a white tutu, and use matching ribbon for accent. 

You can also go for a traditional look with a twist - use a long tutu that reaches to the baby’s toes and put a bonnet on her head instead of the simple headband. This look is absolutely adorable and will have everyone in the church oohing and aahing at your tiny bundle of joy! 

You can always buck the tradition of snowy white or ivory and go with a bold splash of color for your little one’s debut. Try a soft lemon yellow, a flowery pink shade or even bold red tutu dresses with plenty of rhinestones, ribbons and flowers to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Your child’s christening or baptism will be all the more special with the perfect blessing dress, so start planning today!

Angela S

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