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Mixing and Matching Flower Girl Dresses

Posted by Angela S. on 9/29/2015 to General Information
Mixing and Matching Flower Girl Dresses
A frequent question we receive from our customers is how to order flower girl dresses when there are multiple girls in the wedding party. Sometimes the bride’s own child is in her wedding and wants her to stand out amongst the other attending girls, yet still match. Other times the bride just wants a more eclectic feel to her wedding and doesn’t want the traditional matchy-matchy look. Now and then, the future bride doesn’t really know what she wants, and asks us for ideas. We love to help and have so much expertise in this area!

Elsa Frozen Costume - Use a Tutu Dress or Blue Tutu

Posted by Angela S on 8/13/2014 to General Information
Elsa Frozen Costume - Use a Tutu Dress or Blue Tutu
Little girls go through phases. One minute she wants to be a Disney Princess, the next minute a superhero. Without a doubt, the latest craze is from the hit movie Frozen. All little girls these days seem to want to be Elsa. We get countless requests for an Elsa tutu costume.

Dressing the Flower Girl for a Rustic, Country Wedding on a Budget

Posted by Angela S on 12/26/2013 to General Information
Not all weddings are formal. Some brides are country girls and seek to have a wedding in a rustic outdoor setting. Think about how beautiful the wedding would be among a western mountain overlook, at a historic plantation, a ranch, vineyard, beside a barnyard or even a backyard family farm location. Regardless of the specific location, the flower girl and bridesmaid clothing is important whether it's a natural, casual or informal woodsy, organic style wedding.

Spin a Traditionally Scary Costume into a cheerful one - Happy Pumpkin or Silly Princess Ghost

Posted by Angela S on 10/2/2013 to General Information
Does your daughter want to dress up as a ghost or Jack-O-Lantern but you don't feel comfortable having her doing so? Perhaps she'll be at a church function and you don't feel it's appropriate to have her dress up in a traditional Halloween costume. Maybe she has a younger sibling that you know will be frightened by a less than happy costume. Possibly it's because you like more uplifting costumes, something not so frightening. We have some great tips on how to make a traditionally "scary" costume friendly, happy and just downright silly with our cute design pointers. Instead of a ghost, she can be a silly or cheerful ghost. Instead of a Jack-o-Lantern, she can be a Happy Pumpkin.

DIY Super Woman or Wonder Woman Tutu Costume

Posted by Angela S on 9/16/2013 to General Information
Dressing your little girl up in a Super Woman or Wonder Woman costume is a blast if she's in love with female superheroes. Each look is quite similar! Running a superhero marathon? This DIY costume is a must!