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Tutus for Teens - The Perfect Party Outfit!

Posted by Angela S on 10/30/2012 to General Information
Most people think of tutus as being appropriate only for the ballet stage, but in fact girls tutus can be a great way to express individuality of style and can create an elegance for girls of any age.

Girls’ Tutus for Pageant Wear

Posted by Angela S on 10/27/2012 to General Information
Outside of ballet, beauty pageants are the most popular venue for full, frilly tutus! They are the perfect addition to any pageant outfit. Figuring out which tutu goes with your beauty queen’s outfit is easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Tutus for Kids Birthday Party Themes

Posted by Angela S on 10/24/2012 to General Information
One of the coolest things about girls’ tutus is that they fit almost every occasion and costume! For a little girl’s birthday costume party, consider all the options you have to utilize a girl’s or toddler’s tutu to enhance the costumer options.

Mother Daughter Tutu Spa Day

Posted by Angela S on 10/21/2012 to General Information
They only stay little so long - and you should both enjoy these special days when spending time with mom is the best thing in the world. A mommy daughter spa day is ideal for the little girl who loves feeling like a princess - and you can make the day even more special by dressing up in matching girl and adult tutus!

Football Tutu for Cheerleaders

Posted by Angela S on 10/18/2012 to General Information
With football season in full swing, many homes are full of spirit as you cheer on your favorite college or pro team. In our home, you loudly and proudly hear “Go Bears!” Maybe you have a son, grandson, nephew or special friend who plays in a rec league or plays middle school, or perhaps a sister cheers for a local high school football team. A football tutu will help your girl not only feel pretty, but look extra special while she's at the game.