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Spin a Traditionally Scary Costume into a cheerful one - Happy Pumpkin or Silly Princess Ghost

Posted by Angela S on 10/2/2013 to General Information
Does your daughter want to dress up as a ghost or Jack-O-Lantern but you don't feel comfortable having her doing so? Perhaps she'll be at a church function and you don't feel it's appropriate to have her dress up in a traditional Halloween costume. Maybe she has a younger sibling that you know will be frightened by a less than happy costume. Possibly it's because you like more uplifting costumes, something not so frightening. We have some great tips on how to make a traditionally "scary" costume friendly, happy and just downright silly with our cute design pointers. Instead of a ghost, she can be a silly or cheerful ghost. Instead of a Jack-o-Lantern, she can be a Happy Pumpkin.