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Adult Tutus for New Year’s Eve Fashion

Posted by Angela S on 11/29/2012 to General Information
After the long year, it’s time to party on New Year’s Eve. Since it’s one of the biggest party nights of the year, this is a night where you can throw all the dress code rules out the window. Aside from where to party, one of the first things most think about is what to wear. Wearing a tutu for New Year’s Eve is the way to go! Adults Party tutus make dancing extra fun. Both teenagers and adults alike will look like the ”life of the party” on the dance floor for and at all events dressed in a trendy tutu skirt. We've put together a few adult New Year’s Eve tutu outfit ideas to help you brainstorm the perfect party outfit for a fun look that will never be forgotten.

How to Dress for a Christmas Holiday Party With a Tutu!

Posted by Angela S on 11/26/2012 to General Information
Dressing for a Christmas party can be challenging, especially if you’re not exactly sure of the party attire. A lot of company holiday parties take place after work, so that takes the guesswork out of what to wear. If the party is at a co-workers home or if a banquet hall is being rented out and the entire family is welcome, let the party begin! This is where all the fun starts – dressing your little girl(s) and your family. Here are some cute and practical ideas on how you can dress for your Christmas party, whether it be with co-workers, family or friends this holiday season:

Top Christmas Gifts for Girls

Posted by Angela S on 11/20/2012 to General Information
What do you give the girl who has everything? I hear this all the time and am guilty of asking the same question myself. The easy way out is to buy a gift card or even give money so she can get exactly what she’d like but there is something about holding and opening a tangible gift that makes it so exciting, especially for a young girl.  The most convenient way to shop is online, that goes without saying.  Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and check our list of boutique items you can give a little girl this holiday season if she’s a girly girl at heart. Then begin shopping at our online tutu boutique! We've even sorted the list it by age. All these items are so unique, boutique and special. These aren't ordinary gifts that can be picked up at any department or convenient store, so you will look like you really care and your gift will shine! 

Using Tutus for Christening or Blessing Dresses

Posted by Angela S on 11/16/2012 to General Information
While some people still hold that a proper christening dress is a yard long affair with hundreds of embroidery stitches and seed pearls, many parents now opt for a more modern style of baptismal gown - and infant tutu dresses are becoming amazingly popular! 

Holiday Portrait Tutus - Outfit Ideas

Posted by Angela S on 11/12/2012 to General Information
With the Christmas season here before our eyes, a lot of moms are already thinking about family portraits.  It can be an exciting time for some because it’s a great way to share how much your kids have grown within the year.  They surely change so much!  For others, it can be a stressful time especially when their children are really small.  Getting one or multiple kids to smile for a picture, or even look in the same direction for that matter, can be a large feat. We put a new twist on holiday portrait clothing – the tutu!  It makes a lovely photo prop!