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How to Phase Out Winter - Spring Fashion

Posted by Angela S on 2/24/2013 to General Information
In almost one month, we'll be saying goodbye to winter. It's almost hard to believe with the severe snow storms several states have been having just recently. I love watching all the trees and shrubs bloom and they are already doing so here in Georgia. Stores are already getting ready for spring. I've been seeing all the pastel and bright spring colors beautifully arranged on tables and racks. I don't think it's too early to start intermingling some spring colors into her winter wardrobe if you do it the right way.

How to Coordinate Brother and Sister Outfits Easily

Posted by Angela S on 2/17/2013 to General Information
Who doesn't think coordinating sibling outfits are cute, whether the siblings are twins or are several years apart? Matching brother sister clothes are especially cute if the kids are around the same age. They don’t even have to be totally matching but if they coordinate together, it’s really a nice look. At a young age, most kids actually enjoy matching their brother or sister, but just make sure you don’t force them to match when they are around 10 years old (depending on the kids of course) or there will be some major resentment, I’m sure. Once they get to an age where they want to express their own style or personality that would be a good indication to stop the matching sibling clothing sets.

DIY Oscar's Viewing Party - High Fashion Style

Posted by Angela S on 2/8/2013 to General Information
With the Oscar's coming up on Sunday, February 24, a lot of you will be hosting your own viewing party with friends and family. If you haven't been to one before, they are SO MUCH FUN! If anything, it makes a great excuse to get together with friends. Kids can have fun too, especially if they can share some in some of the party preparations and are wearing the main color and look of the event - a red tutu! And it goes without saying, you must dress the part too!