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Tutu Girl LOVES Tutus

Posted by Angela S on 7/29/2012 to General Information
Why shop with Tutu Girl? Quite simply, we LOVE tutus. We’re almost obsessed with them. Initially we started with our sister company in 2004, Posh Bow Peep. Posh Bow Peep’s niche is boutique hair bows and princess gown hair bow holders. We thought what better than to have a complete boutique outfit with hair bows and tutus – thus the birth of Tutu Girl. Since then, we’ve been slowly growing and adding to our product line with each and every year. 

Tutus for Marathons

Posted by Angela S on 7/18/2012 to General Information
Who says tutus are just for kids? Look how some adults enjoyed our tutus for their marathon. Crazy cute!  This has quickly become a growing trend with runners.  Yes I know it's a big nontraditional, a bit unexpected but that's probably what makes is so fun and special.  This group wanted pink - yes including the male.  He truly was a good sport, wasn't he?