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Will You Be My Flower Girl? How to Ask Her!

Posted by on 9/9/2013 to General Information
Asking the special little girl in your life to be the flower girl in your wedding is a special occurrence. Help make the moment memorable for her so she'll feel honored and excited all wedding planning season. Asking her doesn't have to cause any money or pose large planning effort. If you can afford to spend up to $50 or if the parent of the child is willing to help pay for half of the gift (especially if the gift will be re-purposed to wear at the shower, rehearsal or wedding), it can turn out to be a good value. I'll discuss this in more detail in a bit. 

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Choose a location/time. Ask her to be part of your wedding party at a special meal you prepare or at a favorite restaurant. It doesn't need to be an expensive meal. Take her to a favorite fast food restaurant or to an ice cream parlor naturally will make the gathering special for her! 

Gift her. What better than giving a little girl a gift that will make her feel like a princess and one that presents itself with grandeur? A tutu makes for an inexpensive gift that has glamour and "fairytale princess" written all over it. Give her a tutu in her favorite color or perhaps if you already know the specific colors of your wedding, have a fluffy tulle skirt created in those colors. Maybe she can wear it at the wedding shower, rehearsal or better yet, on the big day! You can even have it all planned out beforehand so you can order her exact size and length needed. This is where you can ask her mom if she wants to pay for half that will double as the gift for asking her and for her wedding attire. This little girl will feel so excited to keep looking at the tutu and will want to try it on over and over, touching the soft fabric, while feeling like she's in a fairy-tale. 

Ring pop question. Buy a candy ring pop. Put it in a little box and include a card or poem asking her to be the flower girl. This is a great and cute way of asking her and the most economical way of all. I don't think they cost more than $1. The symbolism of your own engagement ring is perhaps the coolest thing of all. Make a point to show her that you're both wearing special rings now.

  • Normally flower girls are in between the ages of 3-8. 
  • Girls older than this are called junior bridesmaids. 
  • There is no set limit to the number of flower girls you can ask, but the fewer the girls you ask, they more special each girl will feel.
  • Most girls in this age range love dressing up like princesses.
  • She may not even know what a flower girl is, especially if she's really young. They sell some nice flower girl books that you can give her when you ask her. Sit down and read the book together first, then if you want to gift her with a tutu or something else, she'll understand how important the occasion really is.
  • Remember that children grow quickly. If you order a tutu, plan accordingly especially if the wedding isn't in the near future. 
  • Little girls love being flower girls!
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