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Mixing and Matching Flower Girl Dresses

Posted by on 9/29/2015 to General Information
Mixing and Matching Flower Girl Dresses

A frequent question we receive from our customers is how to order flower girl dresses when there are multiple girls in the wedding party. Sometimes the bride’s own child is in her wedding and wants her to stand out among the other attending girls, yet still match. Other times the bride just wants a more eclectic feel to her wedding and doesn’t want the traditional matchy-matchy look. Now and then, the future bride doesn’t really know what she wants, and asks us for ideas. We love to help and have so much expertise in this area!

The beauty about our Tutu Girl dresses is that since they are all made to order, we can customize all the little details, including the strap color and styling, the bodice color, style and length, as well as the tutu skirt in terms of length and color(s).

Here are a few tips and options we give all our customers and how to order when you have multiple flower girls in the bridal party:

1) Go traditional and match. This option is obvious. All the girls would wear the exact same dress in the exact same color for total unity, which makes ordering a cinch. If the order isn’t placed at one time and others from the bridal party will be ordering on their own, we do suggest noting the bride’s name within the order notes. This ensures all fabrics and embellishments are used from the same dye lot to yield a perfect match.


All girls are wearing the exact same peach dress.

2) All match, expect one. This option is just like the one mentioned above expect one girl will have a variation to her dress ranging from a completely different color to a completely different style altogether. Perhaps have her wear the same style dress as all the other girls, but have her be a different color (normally white or ivory) to match the bride, or an accent color from the wedding theme. Another option would be to wear the same color as the other girls, but in a different style, or the exact same dress in regard to color and style but with some variations made to the dress like different straps or different placement of flowers.



In this example, all the girls are wearing pink blush tutus and one little girl is wearing a white skirt to stand out.

3) Same colors with different styles. This is a fun option and looks super nice for eclectic, modern weddings. Have each girl wear a different styles dress or a dress that features a different variation, but in all the same colors for unity.


All four gowns show the same color theme in peach and ivory but in completely different styles.

4) Different colors with same styles. This option will make quite the statement! Just order the exact same dress but in totally different colors. You can have the bodice all the same color (perhaps white or ivory) to match the bride and have the tutu portion all different colors (maybe one skirt in peach, another in teal, one in yellow, etc). Similarly, the bodice and skirt can be a solid color from top to bottom, again all in different colors.


All four girls are wearing the "Wrapped in Love" style in the same accent ribbon color, but all are wearing different colored dresses.


All three dresses show a different variation in color arrangement in beauty pink and teal, but they are all the same style.


((left): orange roses with ivory skirt, (right): ivory roses with orange skirt.

Remember just because you’re shopping for your flower girls, that doesn’t mean the dresses have to be a generic, or boring, cookie cutter dress. It’s always so much fun, and frankly quite beautiful, to make a statement in something a little less unexpected. Tulle is the fabric of weddings and when mixed with unique details, it can really transform the look into something spectacular.

We offer free design consultations if you ever need help choosing colors, design options, etc.



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