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Dressing the Flower Girl for a Rustic, Country Wedding on a Budget

Posted by on 12/26/2013 to General Information
Not all weddings are formal. Some brides are country girls and seek to have a wedding in a rustic outdoor setting. Think about how beautiful the wedding would be among a western mountain overlook, at a historic plantation, a ranch, vineyard, beside a barnyard or even a backyard family farm location. Regardless of the specific location, the flower girl and bridesmaid clothing is important whether it's a natural, casual or informal woodsy, organic style wedding. 

A country flower girl dress should be a country chic style but not necessarily formal. Lace and flowers define rustic elegance. A simplistic lace flower girl dress is an option for this shabby chic look. The key to this look is comfort while looking elegant at the same time. Currently we offer two solid colors for this tea-length gown - white and vintage ivory. You can keep the look as simplistic as possible or you can add a punch of color to the rustic dress with the headband flowers or waistline sash. This style dress is comfortable to wear and is ideal for brides on a budget who want a high-end look. 

rustic flower girl dress

If you're looking for a little more oomph, think about having her wear a tutu skirt. The long flowing layers of tulle add a touch of sophistication to the skirt, yet pairing it with the top of your choice can keep it more rustic. Toddler girls would fair best in a shorter tutu length. Keep it simple by pairing it with a leotard or solid white or colored tank top.

A rustic flower girl tutu dress is another option.  The color choices are endless.  This is a classy, simple look for a child who wants a more "princess" feel to her spin.
rustic tutu dress

Tips for flower girl accessories for a country wedding: 
  1. Cowboy boots for the shoes.
  2. A wooden or wicker flower girl basket.
  3. Boho-chic flower girl garland around her head instead of a headband.
  4. Ride the flower girl down the processional aisle in a pickup truck.
  5. Wooden and paper tags and signs to label everything from the food to dance floor.
  6. Re-purpose what you have from the leotard to top to boots.
country flower girl dress

Personally, one of the best things about a rustic wedding is the dress or tutu isn't a "wear once and hang" type of gown.  It's simple enough to wear again and again and you won't feel like you're throwing money out the window.

I must admit that let out a huge smile when I saw this picture!  Not only do the girls look so pretty, but they look so happy in their ensemble.  What's not to love about that?  Both girls are wearing the two themes of the wedding:  champagne and ivory.  Love how the bride has each girl wearing a different color.  Also, take note of the gorgeous tops!  They were purchased by the bride (not sure where), but they certainly lend to the rustic appeal of the entire outfit.

Angela S

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